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Mar 07 2010

Phil Jones & Vice-Chancellor Acton Caught Fibbing to Parliament

I was going to write a post on a disturbing discrepancy in testimony by Phil Jones and Vice Chancellor Acton of the scandal beaten Climactic Research Unit (CRU) at the center of the Climategate emails and files. During their questioning they claimed Sweden, Canada and Poland would not allow them to make public their national […]

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Mar 07 2010

Democracy Is Biggest Threat To Islamo Fascism

We see today in Iraq two major forces of humanity in bloody conflict. We see the power of self determination, peacefully going to the polls to vote for leaders and a path forward. And we see the power obsessed fascists, who want to warp civilization to their own egomaniacal views (with them conveniently sitting at […]

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Mar 07 2010

White House Liberals Fail To See The Big Problem – Them!

I have lived outside DC almost all of my soon to be 50 years, and I have seen each new administration come into town with dreams and expectations and then hit reality. Many make the transition, some just crash and burn. You can make change from DC, but you have to know the culture and […]

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