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Jan 25 2010

Oh Lord – He Has Lost It!

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Someone please tell me this is photoshopped! All this to speak at an elementary school? I wonder why he did not add the Roman columns??

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Jan 25 2010

How Far Did Obama-Holder Relax Our Defenses?

Update: New fears of woman suicide bombers preparing to attack America: At least two are thought to have been trained by the Yemen-based group behind syringe bomber Umar Abdulmutallab’s Christmas Day jet bomb plot. They are thought to have non-Arab appearance and be travelling on Western passports, making them difficult to trace. Update: And because […]

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Jan 24 2010

US Unemployment Worsens & Spreads

Last month, as was noted here and many other places, the national unemployment rate ‘stayed the same’ only because the workforce had shrunk due to so many people giving up on finding jobs. If a consistent workforce level had been used as the basis of the national numbers we would be closer to 11% instead […]

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Jan 21 2010

Stunning: NASA GISS Admits No Evidence of AGW In The US, Won’t Be For Decades!

It is amazing what you find when you pull back the PR spin from public facade of the AGW crowd and they become honest about the global warming canard. In my previous post I discovered Jim Hansen of NASA GISS noting the US temperature data is so noisy (yet it is the most accurate, most […]

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Jan 21 2010

NASA GISS Admits Current Temps Not Historically Warmer

Major Update: This is a quote from Reto Ruedy Jim Hansen on August 10, 2007 regarding the US GISS temp data: He [McCyntire] concentrates on the US time series which (US covering less than 2% of the world) is so noisy and has such a large margin of error that no conclusions can be drawn from it […]

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Jan 21 2010

We Listened, We Rejected – Now You Listen

I find it positive that a lot of Democrats reacted with shock and a touch of ‘what are we doing?’ in response to the results in Massachusetts. But in general I can see the Dems are going to put the pedal to the metal and drive over the cliff because they still don’t get the […]

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Jan 20 2010

Proof Why Global Warming Alarmists Are Mathematically Wrong

As I have learned more and more about the ‘science’ and ‘math’ that is the foundation of the man-made global warming (AGW) theory, the more I realize how amateurish that science and math really is. For those of us who deal day in and day out in complex physical systems, driven by multiple natural forces […]

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Jan 20 2010

Best Post Election-Earthquake Reads

I have been scanning some of the post mortems on the MA Special Election earthquake, and I have pulled a few as the ones I see as the most important. Many on the right and left will not be comforted by these observations, but that is what happens when we learn from upheaval. First, I […]

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Jan 20 2010

Will Democrats Heed The MA Wake Up Call?

America is a centrist nation. It some areas it leans center left and in others center right. In strange pockets knitted together by gerrymandering there are instances of far right and far left cults. But these are false images of America – as we just saw in Massachusetts yesterday. America has a comfort zone and […]

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Jan 19 2010

MA Special Election Results

It’s over – Brown is the next Senator of Massachusetts! It is We The People’s Day!!!! UPDATE: Tweets reporting Coakley CONCEDES!!! Update T+80 min: 69% reporting and Brown still leads 53-46% Update T+70 min: 65% 60% reporting, Brown up by 7, Patrick Ruffini calls it for BROWN! Update T+60 min: Gardner, another bell weather location, […]

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