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Nov 17 2009

Was Hasan Promoted And Ordered To Afghanistan As Bait?

There are a number of disturbing yet reasonable scenarios that can be drawn from the Ft Hood Massacre by traitor and terrorist Major Hasan. My speculation has been centered around the political correctness dripping from the Obama administration and AG Eric Holder (see here for all my posts to date). But that is not the […]

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Nov 17 2009

Fake Liberal Stimulus Bill Leads To Fake Jobs “Saved/Created”

I don’t have the stomach to go over the whole mess again with the fake stimulus bill the liberals crammed down our throats (along with its massive debt). I’ll let others explain: Ed Morrissey notes this great news piece in San Diego with Barbara Boxer and the ONE real job created from millions of dollars […]

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Nov 17 2009

More Missed Dots On Hasan After Investigation Shut Down Prematurely

More evidence someone made a horrific mistake in the Obama administration when they prematurely shut down the  Joint Terrorism Task Force investigation into Major Hasan, the traitor who massacred 13 people and an unborn child on 11/5/09: Colonel Anthony Febbo at Fort Hood reportedly told investigators he was twice contacted by Hasan, on Nov. 2 […]

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