Nov 17 2009

More Missed Dots On Hasan After Investigation Shut Down Prematurely

More evidence someone made a horrific mistake in the Obama administration when they prematurely shut down the  Joint Terrorism Task Force investigation into Major Hasan, the traitor who massacred 13 people and an unborn child on 11/5/09:

Colonel Anthony Febbo at Fort Hood reportedly told investigators he was twice contacted by Hasan, on Nov. 2 and a week earlier in October, about the question of whether he could legally provide information on “war crimes” he had learned in the course of psychiatric counseling he provided soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. Col. Febbo told ABC News he could not comment because of the on-going investigation.

You know, only a very disturbed American would contemplate such nonsense. The article goes on to imply this was the Army’s fault, but if the FBI led task force had not shut down their investigation OR had told the Army about Hasan’s pen pal moments with a radical Imam then the Army would have possibly alerted to the danger (no guarantees).

It seems one FBI supervisor latched onto the review of an Army investigator into Hasan’s emails to claim their was insufficient evidence to challenge Hasan’s right to free speech. Which in turn left 13 Americans and one unborn child without their right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Whoever this supervisor is, I hope he/she has the moral courage to step forward and explain themselves to the American people.

Update: President Obama is stonewalling Congress in their effort to uncover what happened:

The first public congressional hearing on the Fort Hood attack will not include testimony from any current federal law enforcement, military or intelligence officials because the Obama administration “declined to provide any” such witnesses, according to a Senate committee source.

And so the cover up continues. The congressional investigation into why the FBI led JTTF prematurely shut down their effort to connect the dots has nothing to do with the criminal case against Hasan. The case against Hasan for murder is pretty much a slam dunk. But how and why the FBI under Obama decided to close down investigating Hasan and possibly detecting him before he killed is completely outside the scope of the murder trials.

Cries not to politicize or impact the ongoing investigation are spin – nothing more.

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  1. kathie says:

    Obama bought hook line and sinker that George Bush was bad, He, Obama is good. Mr. Good has consequences, the American people will pay, I hope we are ready.