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Nov 13 2009

DC Liberals Have Bankrupt America After Only One Year In Power

Ed Morrissey caught my eye with this post on October’s mind boggling deficit number: The federal government busted the budget worse than last October by $20 billion with a deficit of $176.36 billion for the month.  That used to be considered a decent deficit target … for an entire year … … It’s roughly four […]

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Nov 13 2009

America To Liberals: Keep Your Government Stained Hands Off Our Health Care!

I don’t need to put a lot of words around these graphs, which clearly illustrates the reaction of America to a government take over of health care: By 2-1 America wants to keep the current system – ’nuff said. BTW, any Democratg congress-critter on this list with a partisan voter index (PVI) of R+1 or […]

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Nov 13 2009

Why Are Terrorists Allowed To Be Protected Under Our Constitution?

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The Obama administration has decided to prosecute 5 terrorists from 9/11 in New York federal court. A court that the tax payers have to pay for. A court where these terrorists are going to be treated like an American criminal. A court that is mere blocks from ground zero. Yet, some other terrorists are going […]

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