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Nov 01 2009

Far Right Screws Up Again

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Is it really that hard for the immature far right to show a modicum of respect and allow people to fix a mistake without all the invective and arrogance? Apparently, yes it is. Dede Scozzafava did the GOP a favor by realizing she was not what the voters wanted and allowing conservativce Hoffman to run […]

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Nov 01 2009

Government Rationed Health Care On Display With H1N1 Vaccine Lines

Story after story after story have America experiencing its first case of Obamacare – up close and personal. As I noted the other day, the US Administration KNEW damn well what state the disbursement of swine flu vaccines was in, but they pulled the “PANIC” button anyway, more than likely to create a ground swell […]

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Nov 01 2009

Everyone Is Over Reaching On NY-23

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NY-23 is an interesting case of one party’s political machinery screwing up, another party’s hopes being dashed, and the electorate fed up with both. But it is not a resurgence of the far right. Dede Scozzafava was a lame attempt by the GOP party leaders to catch some Obama fever. She is so far left […]

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