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Oct 30 2009

More Bogus Job Claims From The Obama Ministry Of Misinformation

A follow up to my previous post. The BS keeps flowing from Team Obama with their false jobs claims (sorry I cannot link to the data, the map only allows for displaying the information – I cannot even copy it, I have to retype it). From California: Prime Recipient: Jason A ColemanAmount: $21,843Jobs Created/Saved: 4 […]

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Oct 30 2009

Bogus Jobs “Created Or Saved” Claims By Obama Administration

You can tell in blogging when there is some low hanging fruit for you to post on. The bogus jobs claims by the administration today is just one such case. First, let me set this up with a CBS News clip on the shoddy statistics used to produce those fictional ‘created or saved’ jobs (H/T […]

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