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Oct 07 2009

Corzine Toast, McDonnell Riding High

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It looks like there will be a GOP sweep of this fall’s governor races. In New Jersey, Governor Corzine is still polling pathetically low, and while the margin is tight the fact is Corzine’s average number is 40.6% – which for an incumbent means defeat. I think the nation is not sanguine about going back […]

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Oct 07 2009

Unemployment Worse Than Being Reported By News Media

[Optional Subtitle: Obama’s 1 Million ‘Saved’ Jobs Discovered? Below I think we have found Obama’s mythical 1 million ‘saved’ jobs. They are a statistical ‘adjustment’ made to the unemployment data by bureaucrats that add tens of thousands of phantom jobs to the unemployment data each month] The unemployment numbers that came out for September were […]

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