Oct 30 2009

Bogus Jobs “Created Or Saved” Claims By Obama Administration

You can tell in blogging when there is some low hanging fruit for you to post on. The bogus jobs claims by the administration today is just one such case. First, let me set this up with a CBS News clip on the shoddy statistics used to produce those fictional ‘created or saved’ jobs (H/T Gateway Pundit):

The fact is we now have all this new shoddy and crappy data out today, which has been checked and rechecked by our incompetent administration. Naturally I go wandering over to Recovery.org (got that web address there Mr VP?) and pick a bubble from Alabama (always start in the A’s) and what do I find but this:

Prime Recipient: CSX CSC Transportation, Inc.
Amount: $8,685,799
Jobs Created./Saved: 20

Trust me, my jaw dropped too when I read those numbers. That is $434,290 per job! Damn – how do I get me one of these! So I go to another little dot on the map and see this:

Prime Recipient: OPP Housing Authority, Inc
Amount: $312,069
Jobs Created./Saved: 20

Wait a minute here – that’s only $15,604 per job! So I go read the details and this one time job creation/saving was to upgrade public housing with new energy efficient windows and light fixtures. The effort is half over and when this work is done those jobs go poof!

Same thing with the CSX ‘jobs’. The money is going to adjust a CSX bridge the Coast Guard determined was affecting navigation. CSX was told to fix it AND WE PAID THE BILL! Once that is done those jobs are gone.

So I go to one more dot in Alabama, praying these first two are just isolated incidents of stupidity and misinformation and low and behold  I find this:

Prime Recipient: Sumter County Opportunity, Inc
Amount: $198,134
Jobs Created./Saved: 47

And I realize that the liberal education system in this country has dumbed this nation down to the point we are barely functional. These 47 jobs are worth $4,215 dollars per job. I had to find out why these poor saps got the short end of the stick.

What I find is a 5 page lecture on Head Start families and their challenges and blah, blah, blah. It is not a status report but a lecture. But I wade through it and find out this was all just a cost of living increase to teachers and assistants. Those 47 new jobs probably do not exist.

Moreover, now I am suspicious about the names of these ‘incorporations’. These look like some kind of corporate front for government agencies or something. What’s up with that?

None of these jobs are permanent, 47 of them are not even ‘new’ or ‘created’. The idiotic claims of this liberal administration are just plain stunning. I used to wonder just how dumb do they think we are. Now I wonder how dumb are they!

My guess is we can all go over to recovery.org and pick three dots and find three claims full of misinformation. And I expect that is exactly what bloggers and real news organizations will do. By my calculation there are a couple thousand bits of evidence sitting on that map of the US of A ready to destroy the credibility of the incompetents running DC.

Outside the jobs created to put up the web site recovery.org this administration has only created a pile of BS propaganda for the gullible to consume.

Update: I did find one honest report from what appears to be a real small company:

Prime Recipient: Jake Enterprises, Inc. & Roger L Griffin
Amount: $52,416
Jobs Created./Saved: 0.1

The detail indicates this work was to fix some on a semi trailer. This is all just a waste of money. Our money.

Update: Man, this is so bogus it is sickening. I found one report that claims the sale of an ArcGIS SW license for $112,839 created/saved 1 job. How can selling a SW license save or create a job? Does every apple or orange sold in a grocery store save or create a job? We have morons running the ship of state.

Update: GOP has a list of top false jobs claims. I would think there must be thousands in that DC propaganda. H/T Michelle Malkin

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  1. kathie says:

    Of course AJ most people will only read the number of “saved or created” and not dig any further. They just have to believe that Obama is their savour. If they haven’t been saved them yet, his “stash” will be coming soon.

  2. ivehadit says:

    AJ, I also find it interesting that when one applied for the special small business loan program that was offered this summer by the SBA, one of the questions (among many intrusive ones, imho) in the loan packet was,

    How many jobs will the loan proceeds create?

    Hmmm….wonder if the government is using this info for their jobs creations report? sarcasm off.

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  5. archtop says:


    Excellent post! What we’ve all discovered is that this isn’t “stimulus” at all, but rather (as we’ve known all along) a huge trillion dollar pork barrel spending spree, benefiting only a few and hardly creating any private sector jobs.

  6. WGIRL says:

    If anyone wants to check out any of these Companies ….for most states it is public knowledge.

    For Florida the website is SUNBIZ.ORG. At that site you can search a Company by name. If the name comes up then you can see when the Company was incorporated, who the corporate officers and directors are.

    Most other states list this information at their Secretary of State sites. All Companies usually have to pay an annual filing fee and now a days this stuff is all online at the State websites.

    AJ, I might be wrong but I have to believe that the “amount” represents the total contract amount. Some contracts (especially construction contracts) includes materials, supplies, equipment…..it can’t be only the labor costs shown.

    Don’t get me wrong – I am in no way defending the wasteful spending in the stimulus nor do I agree that it had any impact on the job market !! If it save any jobs they were government jobs BECAUSE THE PRIVATE SECTOR IS DYING OUT THERE !!

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