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Oct 16 2009

President Obama To Cede America To A New World Government?

This is such a stunning claim I have been hesitating to post on it, until the actual language in a treaty President Obama is planning to sign in December did indicate the creation of a new world government meant to use the fig leaf of mythical global warming to take control of the world’s energy […]

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Oct 16 2009

Dumbest Internet Idea Of All Time

Liberal bloggers plan a mass demonstration of their ignorance and naiveté: It is being billed as the largest-ever social change event on the Web and one which its organizers believe will unite the digital world in a wider conversation about climate change. The third annual Blog Action Day is bringing together thousands of bloggers to […]

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Oct 16 2009

President’s & Congress’ Poll Numbers Collapsing

There is a stunner of a poll out today from Fox News (story here, poll here). It shows some very bad numbers for our young President and the Democrats in Congress. Check out this data (click to enlarge): With Republicans Obama went from an approve-disapprove differential of -34% (28/62) in early June to a -71% […]

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