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Jan 31 2008


The far right, as evidences by the ever shrill and panicky MarK Levin, is learning a very tough lesson. As I pointed out in an earlier post the hyper-partisans left and right have been competing to see who can insult and repulse the moderate middle the most (for daring not be ideologues and instead supporting […]

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Jan 31 2008

Update On Pakistan Missile Strike

Well it appears someone got a high level al-Qaeda leader in Pakistan, though I was hoping for someone nearer to the top (but was not expecting it): A senior al-Qaeda leader in Afghanistan, Abu Laith al-Libi, has been killed, senior Western counter-terrorism officials say. News of Libi’s death first emerged on a website used by […]

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Jan 31 2008

GOP Reconciliation Ain’t Happening

I was listening to Laura Ingrahm on the way in and she is trying to adjust to the McCain nomination, but it just ain’t happening. She wanted to know how to build a bridge between the hyper-conservatives and the moderate conservatives. It is an easy question to answer – try some respect. She was trying, […]

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Jan 31 2008

What Happens When Political Actions Don’t Impress, They Embarrass?

It has been a stunning couple of years to watch the GOP and Democrat parties disintegrate into rabid hyper-partisanship and cut throat (and can we just admit it – juvenile) tactics. I have seen the meltdown of our supposed leaders, transforming them from people who impress to people who are an embarrassment. The mood of […]

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Jan 31 2008

Missile Strike In Pakistan Was Aimed At al-Qaeda

Here is an update from Reuters regarding two recent posts of mine (here

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