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Jan 23 2008

Clinton Makes Dumb Move And Skips SC

I think Obama has SC all stitched up. He has massive leads in the polls there and the African American vote will go Obama. But even so, you don’t diss potential future supporters, as Hillary is planning to do by just taking her loss and moving on: Clinton has been focused on California, New York, […]

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Jan 23 2008

Down To Three In The GOP, We Need Just One To Counter McCain

Update: One Fred Head sees hope in Rudy OK conservatives, time for a reality check. We have three great men left standing in the election: McCain, Romney, Rudy. Sorry folks, preacher Huckabee is out. Between is comments about showing Iran true Hell and wanting a Christian constitution he is unelectable even in the GOP primaries. […]

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Jan 23 2008

Is Soros Spreading Financial Panic?

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I find little reason for the world economies to be panicking. We have had years of growth, low inflation, and low unemployment. We have needed adjustments coming in Housing and fuel prices, but nothing to cause a case of the vapors. The US economy made it through 9-11 and two foreign wars since. And it […]

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