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Jan 08 2008

RINOs Win, Amnesty Hypochondriacs Lose, Guiliani Hits The Airwaves

Mitt Romney’s last ditch desperation act to invoke the evils of illegal immigration did not save him. McCain still won handily. Just like the hate of all things immigrant will not save the GOP. That battle is over and America is rejecting the hypochondria of ‘amnesty’. The Amnesty Hypochondriacs are just now realizing they are […]

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Jan 08 2008

Clinton Survives To Fight Another Day

Well, it seems the Democratic establishment marshaled its forces and dashed the hopes of its new base for “change”. Hillary’s win in NH was a squeaker (here and here) – but what it actually does is breathe new life into the GOP. The Obaman juggernaut was going to be tough to take on. The “change” […]

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Jan 08 2008

Dem Turnout In NH Massive, Another Blowout Of GOP?

There is a tidal wave brewing and its name is Obama. Drudge is reporting the NH polling stations are running out of ballots across the state. Looks to me like Hillary will be crushed. What is also going to be worrisome – in this state which is very much 50-50 – is expect to see […]

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Jan 08 2008

Eye On Pakistan II

I found this interesting site with statistics on the violence in Pakistan related to terrorists. It shows an ever increasing level in violence, one that almost mirrors the decline in violence in Iraq: As seen at the linked site the death toll has risen all year, but the violence is localized to some degree: There […]

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Jan 08 2008

Washington Posts Calls Dems On Iraq, Notes Obama Lie

Well its about time journalistic objectivity and honesty attempted a return to the “news media” (what I call the SurrenderMedia). Today in an editorial the Washington Post slammed the Democrats for not accepting success in Iraq, and slammed Obama for basically making crap up on the fly: AT SATURDAY’S New Hampshire debate, Democratic candidates were […]

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Jan 08 2008

NH Predictions: No Salvation For Hillary, Rudy Gets A Bump

I was not very close in my Iowa predictions (like most I missed the Obama wave) but if the first votes in Dixville Notch, NH are any indication Hillary is in for another drubbing (Photo from AP): Not a single vote. Looks like Edwards is going to be the partisan vote while Obama plays phenom. […]

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