Jan 23 2008

Clinton Makes Dumb Move And Skips SC

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I think Obama has SC all stitched up. He has massive leads in the polls there and the African American vote will go Obama. But even so, you don’t diss potential future supporters, as Hillary is planning to do by just taking her loss and moving on:

Clinton has been focused on California, New York, New Jersey and Arkansas since her defeat in the Iowa caucuses earlier this month, betting that she can sweep states where her name recognition and popularity are strong.

Sorry, you have to try to win support later in the general. Here is a viable scenario which I think would play well for the GOP. Clinton ekes out a win over Obama and the African American community is so fed up and disgusted with the Dems they finally break their decade long allegiance. If there is a McCain or Rudy on the GOP side they could, out of respect for the men and their accomplishments, support these candidates as a final finger in the eye to the Dems who held them down again. The other option is just to sit out the election.

Right now Clinton can only win by disenfranchising African-Americans. And each time she just ignores states or districts strong for Obama she risks losing support in the general unless Obama becomes the VP candidate, even though I am not sure that could patch things up.

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  1. MerlinOS2 says:


    Just go to the FEC front page and look at the new graphic tool they have showing where the money from the various camps are coming from.

    Hill is more concentrated in donations than most people think, Obama has a wider thinner spread.

    But Hill has the power structure and all that she needs in place in all the states that count.

    It’s all about delegate distribution and her camp has that down to an art.

  2. MerlinOS2 says:

    Remember AJ even in the general with about only a dozen states you can win the election if you win them all.

    Same principle Rudy has been working on.

  3. kathie says:

    One of the things black dems need to know is that Obama is electable. An overwhelming victory will be very important for Obama.

  4. WWS says:

    One thought springs to mind – if it is a dumb move for Hillary to skip S.C., wasn’t it a dumb move for Rudy to do the same thing?

  5. dave m says:

    You might want to venture over to the http://www.realclearpolitics.com
    place and read the Dick Morris op-ed, about how a Hillary loss in
    South Carolina will propel Hillary to victory in the nominations
    and in the elections too.
    I don’t know if it will work, but it sounds like a thought out deliberate
    Now for a little election humor, boy do we need some,
    Also linked from RCP is an NRO article advising Republican
    candidates on how they should regard the subject of global
    Apparently, five candidates were asked “Do you believe that
    global warming is man-made or that humans contribute to it?”
    Four candidates answered “YES” and the now former candidate
    answered “maybe”.