Jun 08 2005

Dean’s Mouth Runneth Over

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Dean has got to be either the clumsiest, self destructive DNC Chair in the history of the democrat party or he is simply the Prince of Darkness leading the liberal hordes over the cliff (sorry, too much Coalition history on the mind right now). His recent comments are just stunning in how repulsive they are. I know Moonbats lap this stuff up, but to your average American across the political spectrum this sounds like something out of an oppressive regime in the ME.

“Republicans are not very friendly to different kinds of people…

Their a pretty monolithic part…

They all behave the same and they all look the same…

It’s pretty much a white, Christian party…”

The way the typical mind will put these comments together is to assume two-way connections between the statements. Not only is the GOP basically a white, Christian party, but being so means that white Christians all look the same, behave the same and are not friendly to different kinds of people.

Way to go Howie!

Susan Estrich is on Dean’s case

Most Republicans are not coupon-clippers — they go to work and earn a day’s pay like the rest of us. And hearing Howard Dean say otherwise not only offends Republicans, but also moderates and independents who have no taste for class warfare or the strident liberalism that Howard Dean is selling.

Russell Simmons lays into Dean as well:

“When it comes to reaching out to poor people and minorities, I think there’s no enthusiasm on Howard’s part,” Simmons told the New York Daily News.

Not to mention the Biden and Edwards comments from the weekend.

AnkleBiting Pundits have a post on NM Governor Richardson’s take on Dean from a

GOP remark did not speak for him.
“Nobody is perfect,” Richardson said. “We all make mistakes. We all say stupid things sometimes.”


Seems it is pile on Dean day (not like he doesn’t deserve it). My only concern is Dean is outed and a strong democrat takes his place – ugh!

Ed Morrissey joins the fray
As does Glenn Reynolds
And Alexander McClure
And why would Michelle Malkin not say something? She appears to have the same concern I do, Dean is imploding too fast.

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