Nov 08 2006

Olberman and Bin Laden Are Celebrating

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With the current numbers 27 House seats and 4 Senate seats lost the conservative movement better take a good hard look at what happened. All their frustration with Bush has now left him as the only thing standing between our sanctity for life and fetus harvesting for spare parts. Remember when the House refused to compromise on illegal immigration? Well now there will be nothing done about it for two more years. We needed the hispanic voters (you know, the ‘legal’ immigrants) on our side yesterday. I don’t need an exit poll analysis to know the hispanics sent a message.

Bin Laden and Zawahiri and all the rest of the goose-stepping Islamo fascists are probably besides themselves with glee right now. And every brave Iraqi who stood up to take control of their country, who braved suicide bombs to vote, are probably cowering in fear. The Democrats are coming, with people like Keith OIberman at their head spewing insults and conspiracy theories. The terrorists know they have us on the run now. They want us out of the ME and they want to take on the EU to form their caliphate. The attacks on us will escalate. Once the herd turned, all the terrorists need to do now is scare us into a stampede.

Bush is all that stands in the way of rampant liberals. He and our military are going to have to weather a storm of witch-hunt investigations from the House. It seems the country said “what’s the harm, how bad could it be”? – and therefore voted for ‘change’. We shall see how bad it is. But those celebrating indicates it could be a lesson we did not need to learn.

Any conservative out there who wants to blame Bush is perpetuating this defeat. He has been solid and true to his positions. We voted him in – warts and all – and he deserved and still deserves our respectful support. I am not talking blind obedience – simply respectful support. It was internal recriminations that pushed the non-aligned voters away from the Reps. The insult of “RINO” should be banned from all serious, mature talk. It is a tiresome insult. Trying to define ‘good’ and ‘true’ reps verses all the others simply shrinks the pool of support. That too should have seen its last days, unless the reps want to remain a minority party. Insulting Hispanics and Muslim allies with wild and broad accusations does not win elections or pass Bills. We have two years to learn these lessons, and probably others

The Dems learned – to some degree. I am afraid it is only a facade and the sad truth will come out over time. But the Dems recruited conservative Democrats, people who are not like Pelosi and Kennedy. And that is how they won. They moved towards the common center. Ned Lamont lost – he was too far left. He did not hide his core beliefs well enough to pass muster. A lot of good people lost yesterday and the ‘payback’ so many called for over the year is now upon us. Hopefully the country will not be punished too hard for all our misteps – but with the characters now setting the tone (Olberman and Bin Laden), I am afraid things might get pretty rough.

I do want to thank all who stopped by the Strata-Sphere yesterday. It was a record day for us and it was an honor to spend election night with you good folks. Hope things stay well with you all.

One last thought on MD: I am really disappointed that African Americans have yet to stand up and be their own representatives. They lean on the Democrats way too much. Michael Steele was the best candidate in the country, yet party alliegance was stronger than hometown pride in PG County. That is one change I was really hoping to see happen. Not as much for reps, but for my neighbors across the river who deserved a national representative like Steele. Hope the Dems return the favor – but history shows they won’t.

Update: I have to disagree with someone I have got to know better during this election (by reading him more regularly) and who I admire – Hugh Hewitt. Hugh is blaming the Gang of 14 for the defeat we faced yesterday, but that group succeeded in getting conservative judges and justices to the bench without any filibuster. DeWine did not lose because of that – he lost because of the scandals plaguing Ohio. The center of this country (‘moderate’ is an innacurrate term since it implies a lack of passion) still decide the winners in these races. I have a lot of respect and trust in America and Americans – therefore their decisions, made en masse cannot be that wrong. The question for Reps is why did the people, especially in the middle, turn their backs on them. As I said, I did not turn my back. But I understand why many would. They were just RINOs anyway.

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  1. Limerick says:

    Well folks……Ken could not have said it any clearer…….

    White People….No Jews……Lieberstraum…..SEIG HEIL!

  2. legaleagle says:

    “Yes, Rumsfeld is not a young man either. These last years could not have been easy for him. ”

    Oh, I bet they haven’t. Neither for him, nor the families of the tens of thousands of dead or crippled soldiers he managed to destroy through his sickening arrogance and fanaticism. The only gratifying part is that he was disposed of like the steaming pile of dogcrap he is. Why did the Simpering Imbecile go out of his way to point out Rummy’s extraordinary competence, loyaltry and patriotism? In the hopes it might deflect just a tiny bit from the fact that the man is such a reviled, poisonous hack, that Bush couldn’t even give him a couple of days after the election to come up with a figleaf of an excuse for being dumped.

    Rumsfeld may be the first filthy rat shoved off the sinking ship, but rest assured he’s FAR from the last. There is one particular word Republicans hacks will soon become more familiar with than they ever could have imagined: Subpeona. No, it won’t be used to impeach the Imbecile, just to produce revelations of conspiracies, lies, and dirty tricks with which to humiliate him week afetr week after week. Now the Snarling Savage, THAT’S a different story altogether. Rummy damn well better leave pleanty of room in the lifeboat.

  3. legaleagle says:


  4. For Enforcement says:

    R.Mutt, I’ve never seen your name here before, but that just may mean you don’t write often. Well, after reading what you wrote, I understand why. No one says that all Dems are traitors. But I will say that most traitors are democrats.
    Your comment had very few points that were even valid enough to respond to, but what is this ‘calling someone out’? I would tender a guess that you are about 5 ft 7 inches, 135 lbs and this is your way of feeling ‘like a man’. It doesn’t make anyone admire you, it only makes you look smaller. If you want to look like a man, apologize for that childish remark. That would add a couple inches to your stature.

    While you’re on your high horse about James Webb. are you a reader of the smut he writes? Since you believe in civil rights, how do you feel about him saying girls only go to the service academys because they are horny? You feel the same about women?

    How do you personally feel about the Dems being in charge of the Senate when they voted to get into Iraq? At what point in the invasion of Normandy would you have run up the white flag? Would you have waited for 3000 casualties or surrendered prior to that? Same about Iwo Jima. Do you realize that in 3 1/2 years in Iraq, less service men have died than died in one morning on 9/11. You at some point have to think America is a noble country.
    It sounds like you are a charter member of the ‘blame America’ ‘ America is evil’ crowd. If so, go on over to France where you should be.

  5. ama055131 says:

    ken you are the biggest asshole I have read in years, GO BACK TO THE 60S WHERE YOU BELONG

  6. For Enforcement says:

    Ken, I saw your name and thought I would have to say something, but I re-read it and couldn’t find anything worth commenting on.

    Ok, Ok, so you’re a racist. But that is passe’ since the ’60’s.

    nothing else there worth spending time on. Sorry I read it.

  7. TomAnon says:

    What a train wreck of a thread. Anyone got any popcorn? The first thing you learn as a conservative is,

    “you control your own life!”

    Republicans got in trouble when they started meddling in peoples lives. Plus, they just plain got greedy and went native.

    3000 men and women did not die in vain, we all just demostrated that yesterday with a quiet revolution. Democrats can be capable leaders as well. We shall see. Two years from now we will have another quiet revolution. AJ said it right, we lived through Nixon, Carter and the stakes where a lot higher. That made us ready to accept Reagan! There will be bumps in road there always is; however, look to the future, Our Republic is strong and it will endure.

    Seriously anyone got any popcorn? The next two years will be a bloggers heaven!

  8. Carol J says:

    Veteran’s Day in three days. Dust off the flags. Put those ribbons back up. Say thank you! Drive to the airport. Buy a lunch. Offer a serviceman/woman use of your cell phone before they get on a plane.
    Help out the USO. Say thanks. Anyway you can.

    Left by Limerick on November 8th, 2006


    Thanks Lim! Needed that. We could all use a dose of this. Permission to post this elsewhere?


  9. Limerick says:

    Sure Carol…….have at it!………..

    God Bless America. God Bless the Troops!

  10. Ken says:

    Same old same old. Hispanics can exhibit ethnic pride and mobilize
    it through political organization. Ditto African Americans. If members of the founding ethnic core do it, they are racists living in the 1960s. Passe? Hardly, again, only when we do it. It’s all the vogue for the winners.

  11. For Enforcement says:

    Ken, it sure is a good thing you didn’t give up your day job.

  12. ama055131 says:

    Ken your racist bullshit does not wash with history islam has already
    tried to rule the world fromm 600AD through 1100AD they were defeated in the french alps. Iran was not a muslim thinking country they were called prussia. As far as isreal is concerned their land is occupied by syria jordan and iraq> ken time for you to go back to school or just go to one of any muslim country and see how much tolrance you will get there (but don’t take your mom sisters or wife)

  13. Hayseed says:


    It get’s better than that. Ever hear about a little drug running operation into Mena, Arkansa, connected to the Iran-Contra operation, while B J Clinton was governor?
    Hillary can kiss 08 goodbye!

  14. For Enforcement says:

    ama055131, I agree with the sentiment of what you said to Ken. but Prussia was basically northern Germany, not Iran. But your history of the area is right, I think it was Persia. (you wrote such a good comment I hated to have to correct history a little.)

  15. Great post by AJ and excellent comment by Bill in AZ. The power of the media over the American mood and mindset cannot be over-emphasized. We ignore it at our peril.

  16. For Enforcement says:

    Yep Hayseed, you’re right. Funny how those little things come out when someone is running for office. Of course that’s been known for a long time and it didn’t hurt Willie any.
    Look what came out on Webb in Va and it didn’t hurt him any. Bad things only hurt Repubs because the formerly MSM covers it extensively while they don’t even check into crooked and/or moral imperfections of the dems.
    Look at all that stuff on Reid and the formerly MSM didn’t even breathe heavily.(except when they got overheated from all that work sweeping it under the carpet)

  17. Roberto says:


    Starting a war for oil and to help out your war-profiteering buddies should be fully investigated.
    You want a statute of limitations on war crimes?

    Republican corruption is deeply imbedded. It is who they are.
    Also, the Corporate Media is craven to the Left.? The reason must be that the Left is more conciliatory to the needs of corporations than the Right.
    Is that what you are trying to say?

  18. The Macker says:

    ama055131 ,
    Agree on Reagan’s contributions and on the harm caused by members of Congress with no standards. But it has been said that: If it weren’t for double standards, the dems would have no standards at all.

    Don’t agree on the “need to talk religion to be a conservative” or on any “hyjacking.” Patriots, fiscal conservatives, constitutional originalists, religious humanists and libertarians, all have joined forces to advance a “conservative” ideal. Each argues in his own way.

  19. Limerick says:

    No Roberto. Actually I want AMNESTY for war crimes. I want BULLDOSER blades and FLAMETHROWERS on every tank. I want GPS ankle tracking devices on every reporter. I want what is right you see. You do see don’t you? Huh?

  20. AJStrata says:

    Sorry LegalEagle,

    I wasn’t here today to release your first comment. You should be good to go as long as you don’t put in two or more links.