Nov 08 2006

Olberman and Bin Laden Are Celebrating

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With the current numbers 27 House seats and 4 Senate seats lost the conservative movement better take a good hard look at what happened. All their frustration with Bush has now left him as the only thing standing between our sanctity for life and fetus harvesting for spare parts. Remember when the House refused to compromise on illegal immigration? Well now there will be nothing done about it for two more years. We needed the hispanic voters (you know, the ‘legal’ immigrants) on our side yesterday. I don’t need an exit poll analysis to know the hispanics sent a message.

Bin Laden and Zawahiri and all the rest of the goose-stepping Islamo fascists are probably besides themselves with glee right now. And every brave Iraqi who stood up to take control of their country, who braved suicide bombs to vote, are probably cowering in fear. The Democrats are coming, with people like Keith OIberman at their head spewing insults and conspiracy theories. The terrorists know they have us on the run now. They want us out of the ME and they want to take on the EU to form their caliphate. The attacks on us will escalate. Once the herd turned, all the terrorists need to do now is scare us into a stampede.

Bush is all that stands in the way of rampant liberals. He and our military are going to have to weather a storm of witch-hunt investigations from the House. It seems the country said “what’s the harm, how bad could it be”? – and therefore voted for ‘change’. We shall see how bad it is. But those celebrating indicates it could be a lesson we did not need to learn.

Any conservative out there who wants to blame Bush is perpetuating this defeat. He has been solid and true to his positions. We voted him in – warts and all – and he deserved and still deserves our respectful support. I am not talking blind obedience – simply respectful support. It was internal recriminations that pushed the non-aligned voters away from the Reps. The insult of “RINO” should be banned from all serious, mature talk. It is a tiresome insult. Trying to define ‘good’ and ‘true’ reps verses all the others simply shrinks the pool of support. That too should have seen its last days, unless the reps want to remain a minority party. Insulting Hispanics and Muslim allies with wild and broad accusations does not win elections or pass Bills. We have two years to learn these lessons, and probably others

The Dems learned – to some degree. I am afraid it is only a facade and the sad truth will come out over time. But the Dems recruited conservative Democrats, people who are not like Pelosi and Kennedy. And that is how they won. They moved towards the common center. Ned Lamont lost – he was too far left. He did not hide his core beliefs well enough to pass muster. A lot of good people lost yesterday and the ‘payback’ so many called for over the year is now upon us. Hopefully the country will not be punished too hard for all our misteps – but with the characters now setting the tone (Olberman and Bin Laden), I am afraid things might get pretty rough.

I do want to thank all who stopped by the Strata-Sphere yesterday. It was a record day for us and it was an honor to spend election night with you good folks. Hope things stay well with you all.

One last thought on MD: I am really disappointed that African Americans have yet to stand up and be their own representatives. They lean on the Democrats way too much. Michael Steele was the best candidate in the country, yet party alliegance was stronger than hometown pride in PG County. That is one change I was really hoping to see happen. Not as much for reps, but for my neighbors across the river who deserved a national representative like Steele. Hope the Dems return the favor – but history shows they won’t.

Update: I have to disagree with someone I have got to know better during this election (by reading him more regularly) and who I admire – Hugh Hewitt. Hugh is blaming the Gang of 14 for the defeat we faced yesterday, but that group succeeded in getting conservative judges and justices to the bench without any filibuster. DeWine did not lose because of that – he lost because of the scandals plaguing Ohio. The center of this country (‘moderate’ is an innacurrate term since it implies a lack of passion) still decide the winners in these races. I have a lot of respect and trust in America and Americans – therefore their decisions, made en masse cannot be that wrong. The question for Reps is why did the people, especially in the middle, turn their backs on them. As I said, I did not turn my back. But I understand why many would. They were just RINOs anyway.

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  1. gil says:


    I am in YOUR dumb list?

    If it is in YOUR list you do me honor sir. For as long as I get a Right Winger to insult me I know my comments are hitting the mark, and as usual the only reply (Just like the tone of this blog) is to insult.

    You want to win the war insulting the majority of Americans? …. But I am the dumb one!!…. Yeah Right wherever you say.

  2. the good doctor says:

    Enforcement they are angry,miserable people. I used to think Coulter was crazy. She is so right.

    Now look at this Ken guy. He can’t gloat, he is spitting pure vile. So here we have Aj,a conservative engineer who obviously enjoys politics make some predictions in HIS OWN BLOG!!! I thought these guys were for free speech…Boy and they are so smart….and Gil so pleasant.

    Imagine if they had lost. They probably would have beat us up with baseball bats because we stole the elections.Angry people that’s all.

  3. For Enforcement says:

    Gil, you are the one that came here to spew anger. I just pointed that out like good doctor above. I can’t even imagine how angry you would be if you had lost. How many Repubs have you heard calling for recounts and investigations into voter fraud? Zero. How many Dems would’ve been screaming today if they had lost? Millions.
    Dems are angrier today than when they lost 2 years ago.

    It was intended as an honor to you to top the Dumb list. I realize how much time and effort you have put into acheiving the honor.

    And yes I’m sure I’m just as proud of being an American as you are being an anti-American.
    Nothing here deserves an answer from you, I’m sure it’s over your head. Congrats.

  4. gil says:

    Response to Ajstrata.

    Was it not you that said ” Bin Laden and Zawahiri and all the rest of the goose-stepping Islamo facist are probably beside temselves with glee right now….. The Democrats are coming” ?…. Yes you did!!
    This is how you explain to the Republicans how you” reach out to the Middle” ?…… Now wonder you lost the Middle.

    My point is YOU don’t get it. The Middle is fed up with division. The only discourse Right Wing Blogs like this bring to the table is a slog- fest of insults and name calling….. To this day I have never seen a serious interchange of ideas as to what would be the best way to get us out of Iraq while installing some kind of Government that can continue without us Baby Sitting into eternity….. You do understand that everithing has a limit don’t you….” Stay the Course” (never a plan but a slogan) has reached it’s limit…. Now since Iraq is in caos by any objective measure, and it happened because of Right Wing desicion making you consider the justified desire for change by the American public as an edorsment for Osama?….. That’s my friend is one hell of a way to read the American mood… Keep it up and you’ll end up in a rethorical Syberia… Trust me on this one.

    Why do you call American voters Osama sympathizers (traitors)? and pretend that after doing that, you have not poisoned the atmosphere for a serious discourse. You think that oppening up a blog with a bunch of insults is going to resolve the problems you want resolved?

  5. gil says:


    I came to this blog to point to the Home Page that if you want to win a war you need to stop dividing the nation. And the first thing you do in order to acomplish that is to sart respecting American Voters.

    This blog set the discourse…. I just follow the lead.

    You want a serious exchange of ideas about possible solutions…. I am game. But if you open up your post by calling me dumb, or implying I am a traitor (as the Home Page does to all that disagee whith his views) simply because I wanted By-Partisan solutions then don’t be surprised if the globes are off. That’s not the way I want it, that’s the way you “debate”.

    You want to debate without name calling or implied name calling you will find me more than receptive….. After all last I checked we were all on the same side… And that side ain’t Osama side.

  6. the good doctor says:

    Gil,it’s Siberia. Why don’t you go there now.

  7. For Enforcement says:

    Gil, you said:
    “You want a serious exchange of ideas about possible solutions…. I am game. But if you open up your post by calling me dumb, or implying I am a traitor (as the Home Page does to all that disagee whith his views) simply because I wanted By-Partisan solutions then don’t be surprised if the globes are off. That’s not the way I want it, that’s the way you “debate”.”

    Well here are excerpts from your very first two posts on this site:

    Home Page.

    High Flying Political Debate?

    Show the kind of sore looser, low life, classless strident extremist you are. You have shown your true colors today. You are not about winning in Iraq, you are about hate, and venom, and division.

    he tought he could win with only the support of his base and nuts like you….

    You and your low life kind still don’t get it do you?
    You idiots on the Right confused power with legitimization of your extreme ideas……


    Left by gil on November 8th, 2006

    sore looser, low life, classless strident extremist
    and nuts like you….
    You and your low life kind

    Yea, you came here real civil and looking for a serious exchange of ideas.

    You were highly insulting from your very first post, why would you expect anyone to be ‘friendly’

    And you wonder why you top my Dumbest of Dumbasses list?

  8. For Enforcement says:

    Gil you said

    You want to debate without name calling or implied name calling you will find me more than receptive….. After all last I checked we were all on the same side… And that side ain’t Osama side.

    First you started name calling in your first post.
    And no I don’t want a debate, I don’t lower myself to debate with dumbasses.

    and I ain’t on your side ( you do head up’ America Haters’ don’t you) and I damn sure ain’t on Osama’s side.

  9. ama055131 says:

    hateingspete you are not a reagenite you are the same 30 percent of your party that would only vote pure Dem and act the age of a school
    1 ballots to admend ones constitution is the real way to get the pulse of the nation. Now let me check some of these traditionl conservative
    a AZ overwhelming english is the official language
    b How many states overwhelmingly marriage between man and women
    c CA of all places no tax to the oil companies
    I could go on but your brain would not be able to soak it in so I will leave this with you this ,of all the seats won by the Dems from the Rep where 98 percent conservative.


  10. ama055131 says:

    last post should have ended REAGANS IDEALS

  11. gil says:


    Hey!! Take your rabies shot pall!!!

    I was going to give you a chance to debate like you have a brain. I was wrong , you don’t have one fine….. OH , and there is no ” No need to lower yourself” for me….. Just look at what happened to Mark Foley! If you have problems on that department I can’t help you there… Call Mark.

    Now let me go SLOWWW with you here….. I started with insults in my post in response to the tone set by this blog that calls American voters Traitors right off the bat…. That’s the third time I post this by the way… You just have some retention problems so I understand.

    I do not recall your name in my first post but the Home Page’s… You can read right?

    I did not call you anithing…. You did. And after every post you upped the name calling.

    You are the one that got the boot up your ass last Tuesday Pall !!….. Me, you can call me wherever you like. I voted agains people like you and you know what ….. I won.

    Hey this “traitor” is tired of BS with an extremist with no brain…
    So I live you with this tought while you try to get the boot out of your ass… A lot of “traitors” that voted for change are going to do just that weather you like it or not, call us names or not… Get it?
    After all some one (An adult) has to get you people out of your misery in Iraq….. And really find Osama…. And ask him personally how much money he was paying you Right Wingers for promoting his agenda on holesale Terrorist recruitment.

    I am out.

  12. For Enforcement says:

    I am out

    You were out to start with, I know you’ll read this. Too much ego not to.

    You come here and start name calling on your first post and get called on it and have no defense so you just get more shrill.

    Then you pretend you just wanted an intelligent debate. I don’t know why you would, if it were an intelligent one, you wouldn’t be in it. We don’t let the no. 1 on the Dumbass list be in debates, by definition they lost before they got started.

    Come back when you graduate Kindergarten.

  13. For Enforcement says:

    Can anyone imagine how rabid Gil would be if they had LOST?


  14. For Enforcement says:

    Gil, you can go on back to Kos now, he will stroke your feathers for your preening.
    Besides, they allow debates between dumbasses there.

  15. kevo says:

    You my dear sir (writer of the above post) are an intellectual boob! If you believe half of the balderdash you write, you could easily qualify as an extremist. You offer no insight into how our beloved American democracy can prosper in the future. You only provide wild fantasies out of the canyons of your diluded mind. You actually believe that your readers are going to buy your sophomoric analysis. They best thing you could do for our beloved nation is shut up until you can learn to embrace the principles of a democratic people. You sound so much like a monarchist! -Kevo

  16. DaleinAtlanta says:

    Kevo: MORON, go away!

  17. stormprophet says:

    OH NOES!

    Congress has fallen to the evil democrats! Now Bin Laden, must be celebrating with glee! His family (closely associated with the bush family) will finally have a chance to win in their anual turkey cookoff for thanksgiving, and he’ll finally have a witty retort to Bush’s “We’re all going on the rapture and you’re not. Nyah Nyah Nyah!” Not only that, but those evil god hating gay loving crazy pinko commie democrats are going to personally invite him into our country and give him ammunition to strap to our skyscrapers and good little christian babies. Despite the fact that the republicans have started a war on a whole other front, taking troops from afghanistan that could have been used to actually find bin laden (nah! It’s much better if we throw a paltry force at him, not make an effort to rebuild the country he’s hiding in, and get busy making another terrorist hotbed in Iraq; See, that means he’ll just stay hidden out and keep laughing at us instead of bombing us,) the democrats are going to make things even worse by maybe actually LOOKING for him!

    And if the terrorists automatically winning isnt bad enough! Those queer homo slutbags are going to undermine us even more! We’ve worked so hard to instill good christian values that our gop leaders represent; beating up out wives, screwing underage vietnam prostitutes in saipan with jack A and then forcing them to have abortions ( I’m not making that last bit up), and screwing around with young boi’s while we loudly proclaim “GAYS R BAD! NO MARRY!”
    It’s a wonder if our great nation with survive if they peacefully marry, raise children, and mind their own business! I mean! what better advertisement is there to be gay! Our children will be flocking to be gay in droves! It will be just like Sodom and Gommorah! No longer will our studly young sons go off and screw teenage girls, and then leave them floundering on their own with an unwanted pregnancy while they repeat the process! The SHAME OF IT! Rush Limbaughs fourth failing marriage will loose all sanctity!

    Holy crap! Teh Spanishededs are going to start invading in DROVES now! No longer will they be satisfied with doing the crappiest jobs in the nation! No! Now they will want to do more than picking strawberries at 2.50 an hour for 12 hours in 100 degree heat! They’re going to come after our hard earned white color jobs! The good old GOP has worked hard to move all of our manufacturing across sea’s, so the average american doesnt have to dirty his hands with that anymore. I mean, look at the bangup job that Jack A did in Saipan! Nearly every major US clothing manufacturer moved it’s factories there to take advantage of the $1.50 an hour wages made by imported south east asian workers, and still it’s AMERICAN SOIL! Good ol america! I mean! Seriously! When you walk into your bank soon, you’ll have to learn how to speak dirty mexican talk just to make a withdrawl! It’s sickening! We’re going to be going straight back to the pope and those lazy mexicans will have control of EVERYTHING!

    Well Crap….guess the middle class is gonna be on the rise again! We were trying to hard to make Bush fabulously rich, and Cheney for that matter, that we forgot those evil Dems were gonna sneak up right behind us and demand ACCOUNTABILITY in the government. Makes me sick to my stomach. Now we’re going to have to sit back and watch as every single one of Bush’s hypocritical, evil, backstabbing, self serving, and two faced scandals are brought to air before the public. Is rather sad we’re going to get a taste of our own medicine. The american people really don’t deserve it.

    If ol Lincoln could see how badly us WASP’s are gonna have it now, he’d be rolling over in his grave.