Nov 08 2006

Olberman and Bin Laden Are Celebrating

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With the current numbers 27 House seats and 4 Senate seats lost the conservative movement better take a good hard look at what happened. All their frustration with Bush has now left him as the only thing standing between our sanctity for life and fetus harvesting for spare parts. Remember when the House refused to compromise on illegal immigration? Well now there will be nothing done about it for two more years. We needed the hispanic voters (you know, the ‘legal’ immigrants) on our side yesterday. I don’t need an exit poll analysis to know the hispanics sent a message.

Bin Laden and Zawahiri and all the rest of the goose-stepping Islamo fascists are probably besides themselves with glee right now. And every brave Iraqi who stood up to take control of their country, who braved suicide bombs to vote, are probably cowering in fear. The Democrats are coming, with people like Keith OIberman at their head spewing insults and conspiracy theories. The terrorists know they have us on the run now. They want us out of the ME and they want to take on the EU to form their caliphate. The attacks on us will escalate. Once the herd turned, all the terrorists need to do now is scare us into a stampede.

Bush is all that stands in the way of rampant liberals. He and our military are going to have to weather a storm of witch-hunt investigations from the House. It seems the country said “what’s the harm, how bad could it be”? – and therefore voted for ‘change’. We shall see how bad it is. But those celebrating indicates it could be a lesson we did not need to learn.

Any conservative out there who wants to blame Bush is perpetuating this defeat. He has been solid and true to his positions. We voted him in – warts and all – and he deserved and still deserves our respectful support. I am not talking blind obedience – simply respectful support. It was internal recriminations that pushed the non-aligned voters away from the Reps. The insult of “RINO” should be banned from all serious, mature talk. It is a tiresome insult. Trying to define ‘good’ and ‘true’ reps verses all the others simply shrinks the pool of support. That too should have seen its last days, unless the reps want to remain a minority party. Insulting Hispanics and Muslim allies with wild and broad accusations does not win elections or pass Bills. We have two years to learn these lessons, and probably others

The Dems learned – to some degree. I am afraid it is only a facade and the sad truth will come out over time. But the Dems recruited conservative Democrats, people who are not like Pelosi and Kennedy. And that is how they won. They moved towards the common center. Ned Lamont lost – he was too far left. He did not hide his core beliefs well enough to pass muster. A lot of good people lost yesterday and the ‘payback’ so many called for over the year is now upon us. Hopefully the country will not be punished too hard for all our misteps – but with the characters now setting the tone (Olberman and Bin Laden), I am afraid things might get pretty rough.

I do want to thank all who stopped by the Strata-Sphere yesterday. It was a record day for us and it was an honor to spend election night with you good folks. Hope things stay well with you all.

One last thought on MD: I am really disappointed that African Americans have yet to stand up and be their own representatives. They lean on the Democrats way too much. Michael Steele was the best candidate in the country, yet party alliegance was stronger than hometown pride in PG County. That is one change I was really hoping to see happen. Not as much for reps, but for my neighbors across the river who deserved a national representative like Steele. Hope the Dems return the favor – but history shows they won’t.

Update: I have to disagree with someone I have got to know better during this election (by reading him more regularly) and who I admire – Hugh Hewitt. Hugh is blaming the Gang of 14 for the defeat we faced yesterday, but that group succeeded in getting conservative judges and justices to the bench without any filibuster. DeWine did not lose because of that – he lost because of the scandals plaguing Ohio. The center of this country (‘moderate’ is an innacurrate term since it implies a lack of passion) still decide the winners in these races. I have a lot of respect and trust in America and Americans – therefore their decisions, made en masse cannot be that wrong. The question for Reps is why did the people, especially in the middle, turn their backs on them. As I said, I did not turn my back. But I understand why many would. They were just RINOs anyway.

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  1. gil says:

    Home Page.

    High Flying Political Debate?

    You are a low life… The only high fly you do is whenyou are high on drugs.

  2. For Enforcement says:

    I’m conflicted; Some of these people, Ken, Roberto, Mutt, etc,(there are others) they are either very young or very old. I can’t figure it out. They were either born dumb and haven’t aged enuf to outgrow it, or they were born dumb and have only gotten dumber with time.

    Like Roberto’s comment about starting a war for oil. Who did that?

    Is all Iraqi oil loaded on tankers headed to Pres Bush? Does he get a cut? Why doesn’t he cut production to raise the price?
    That statement is just stupid on the face of it, that any moron that says it should be charged a stupidity tax. It should be a crime to be so dumb.

  3. Hayseed says:

    You’re right, except this time around there is going to be those fine folks over at the DU swamp trying to pin it on Bush 41. In fact I can almost guarantee that someone is going to point out that if there was any kind of federal investigation into the activities going on at Mena, the files would have been kept in the Murra Federal Building in OKC.

    Let the battle begin.

  4. For Enforcement says:

    Legal eagle sorry to leave you off the list, you probably should be number 1 on it. As dumb as your comments were you must’ve actually been taking graduate courses in stupidity, not sure you could’ve gotten so far along on your own.

  5. DaleinAtlanta says:

    Republican corruption is deeply imbedded. It is who they are.
    Also, the Corporate Media is craven to the Left.? The reason must be that the Left is more conciliatory to the needs of corporations than the Right.
    Is that what you are trying to say?

    Left by Roberto on November 8th, 2006

    Now Roberto, and I DO remember you clearly from a couple of months ago, you are just betraying your card-carrying Anti-American/Pro-Jihadi Leftist bullshit!

    No matter how crooked and corrupt some Republican members of Congress have been, it is the DEMOCRATS, who thru History have been the most Morally and Fiscally Corrupt Party in American Politics!

    FACT: ever hear of Tammany Hall, Roberto?

    I strongly suggest you are ignorant of American History, and have NOT!

    FACT: ever hear of the corrupt Daley “machine” in Chicago? I suspect not!

    FACT: ever hear of the corrupt Huey Long in Louisiana?? I suspect not!

    FACT: ever hear of the corrupt Congressman from Texas, Lyndon Baines Johnson, later President Johnson, who won his first Congressional Seat with the help of several hundred dead people from the nearby cemetary?

    FACT: ever hear of the utterly comtemptible, corrupt, and nepotistic Kennedy family from Massaschucettes? Where is is a historical FACT, that old man Kennedy was not only a bootlegger, but that he got his son, JFK, elected President of the United States, with stolen and dead votes in Ohio, courtesy of the corrupt Democratic Daley machine?

    FACT: ever hear of the “Ku Klux Klan” Roberto? Founded by Democrats, and kept in power for a 100 years, because of Democrats?

    FACT: ever hear of the 1960’s Civil Rights Legislation, Roberto, opposed and voted against, by over 90% of the Democratic members of Congress?

    FACT: ever hear of the corrupt Harry Reid, Senator from Nevada, who’s bogus land deals, and nepotism, make Republicans look like kids in the park!

    FACT: ever hear of the un-indicted co-conspirator of the ABSCAM scandal, and Congressman from PA, Jack Murtha, who has steered Government & Military Contracts to dozens of family members, and literally BILLIONS of dollars of Govt money into the pockets of companies run by friends and family in Pennsylvania?

    FACT: individual Republican members of both Houses have done bad, and corrupt things!

    FACT: the Democratic party, is Morally bankrupt, and has been, almost from it’s inception; and it has pioneered, in American politics, nepotism, corruption, racism, bribery, etc.!

    Read ‘er and weep Roberto; your comments betray a Leftist persona, that is completely ignorant of the history of YOUR PARTY!

  6. The Macker says:

    You need to lose some of the liberal baggage:

    1) The War on Terror has as much to do with oil as the Civil War had to do with cotton.

    2) The charge, “War crimes” is totally baseless and therefore a projection of what the Dems know they are capable of.

    3) Corruption is in the Dems DNA

    4) Every independent study has shown the liberal/Dem bias of the MSM which continues to feign objectivity. Therein lies the scandal. The media conglomerates are a tangled web with no conservative values and many leftist operatives.

    5) Never forget the harm to our troops by the NYT, CNN, and the Dem turncoats in congress.

  7. gil says:

    Home Page.

    You could have come out in your blog and show some class (for a change) in loosing by simply declaring that it was time for some real bypartisanhsip to solve the problems in Iraq. After all we need the entire nation to pull together or else we will loose…. What do you do instead?

    Show the kind of sore looser, low life, classless strident extremist you are. You have shown your true colors today. You are not about winning in Iraq, you are about hate, and venom, and division.

    You say Osama is happy because the Democrats won. No Mr. “Strata” Osma want’s people like you spilling hate and dividing the nation… Ever heard of divide and you will conquer? You are the divider. Just like Bush with his ” Stay the Course” or” Cut and Run”…. But he was the Uniter not a Divider right?
    What a great “leader” ; he tought he could win with only the support of his base and nuts like you…. Last night he (and you) got a not so friendly reminder of who is the real boss around here…. WE, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE IN THE CENTER.

    If you think you will ever win in Iraq, or in Burundia for that matter by inciting hate and division in your own nation…. I have news for you…. The only thing you will get is what you got…. A boot up your ass by the American voters.

    You and your low life kind still don’t get it do you? The extremes of the two parties are THE MINORITIES. You have power because the silent majority THE CENTER has been complacent and has not bothered to vote in large numbers for the last few election cycles. You idiots on the Right confused power with legitimization of your extreme ideas…… WRONG. The only thing you did was to piss off the Center, and when you piss of the Center they go to vote…. And that’s when you are put back in your place…. Down the rat hole you came out from.

    A WARNING FOR YOUR KIND. If you want your party to be given a one way ticket to Syberia by the American voters in ’08 just continue with this kind of “Discourse” about the mess and caos that Iraq has become ON YOUR RIGHT WING, NEO-CON ADMINISTRATION. Iraq is a war started by Right Wingers for Right Wingers. The rest of America has grown tired of your shit…. You want to” stay the course” go fight yourself, and take your frieds with you….. Or start talking about real solutions…. America is more than fed up with your kind of “Politics”.

    You lost Congress, you lost the Senate it was because of Iraq and Right Wing Corruption, and your reaction is to insult the majority of the American voters by calling them Osama sympathisers? You don’t respect Americans much do you?. That’s OK , America does not respect your kind much either …. That much was clear last night.

  8. the good doctor says:

    Boy, boy the swamp is overflowing. These dems are the angriest people in the world. The win the election and now they go to conservative blogs to pick up fights. Hey, you guys maybe in your new healthcare plan can cover anger management. You need it bad.

    Roberto no novelas tonight??? RMutt anyone who feels pride for voting for John Lewis the bigest racist pig in the world. He has been trying to make Atlanta a black racist city for years. Probabably the most corrupt and incompetent city in the south.

    Don’t listen to these morons.

  9. For Enforcement says:

    Gil, you just moved to the top of the list. You say he doesn’t respect America?
    You don’t even respect yourself. Anyone that tries so hard to get to the top of the dumb list, speaks for himself. You made it.

  10. AJStrata says:


    I am not a Republican – I am an ex-dem independent. And the whole point of this post was to explain to the Reps they need to reach out to the middle which they obviously lost. I am giving you one warning to clean up you act and act like a guest here or I will show you the door.

  11. For Enforcement says:

    Good Doctor, excellent comments. Strange isn’t it. 2 years ago when the dems lost they were the angriest mob in the world.
    This time they won, and damn, they’re more angry now than 2 years ago. I have seen very few comments from conservs that were angry, but all the Anti American’s are blowing smoke out their ears.

    But go down my dumb list, maybe they don’t even know the truth. They even think America is responsible for 9/11.

    Maybe they’ll mature one day.
    We can hope.

  12. Ken says:


    Your belief that a Old Testament tribe, since then thoroughly
    diluted by non-Semitic conversions of Turko-Mongols, have
    claim to present day Syria, Jordan and Iraq exposes you as a
    charlatan and an ineffectual racist to boot. Israel’s birthrate pales before the Palestinians and Muslims in general and it is in about the same position to occupy these as what is left of the Iroquois to
    retake New York. The average ethnic balance of Palestine
    from the time of the Jewish diaspora until 1948, incidentially, was about 35% Jew and 65% Arab, if a fair examination of who
    the land belonged to for two thousand years is considered.

    Similarly I feel no threat from a Moslem invasion of America–
    an invasion I would fight.

    The threat of Islam is to the American Empire which Washington
    would have abhorred, to that part of it trampling throughout
    and lodging bases in Moslem regions.

  13. AJStrata says:


    They were predictions. It is a fun exercise. If you don’t try you never learn how to get better! Do you think I am at all concerned I was wrong? That is an interesting assumption on your part. My guess you would be embarrassed if you had made a prediction that was wrong, so that is why you are gloating now! True sign of insecurity.

  14. For Enforcement says:

    Ken, most of what you wrote there is just plain crap, but this statement caught my eye:
    “Similarly I feel no threat from a Moslem invasion of America–
    an invasion I would fight.”

    Ken, I have read enuf of your writings to be convinced that if that Moslem were headed for your wife, you would look the other way. ”
    You do not strike me as a person with any principles or beliefs worth fighting for.

    In fact, going out of your way to be obnoxious on this blog is probably the most confrontational you’ll ever be.

  15. AJStrata says:


    Wonder what Gil means by ‘your kind’? Think he means us homo sapiens?


  16. The Macker says:

    Thanks for that exhibit of “class.” Speaking for the Left, you showed the real source of rancor in our country.

  17. hastingspete says:

    Well of course we come here to gloat – we just won a real, honest-to-god mandate. It was a whupping and we feel like watching you writhe a bit. Is that hateful? Whatever. We had a president criss-cross this country for two months saying we were cut-and-runners. We had Republicans, and you bloggers, say we were working on the side of Al Quaeda. And worse.

    Guess most Americans disagreed. Given the high-tech gerrymandering, given the money disparity (STILL heavily favoring the GOP), given the distortions of the President and the press, a bunch of progressive Democrats (NOT conservative – Webb is the exception, Dewine the rule) came back and thumped your rear ends thoroughly. Hey – the permanent majority is ovr, long live the permanent majority.

    Now you’ll find how sweet it is to be in the desert, wandering, seething. You think WE are angry? Hey, you guys are border-line homicidal as it is: a solid ass-whupping followed by the humiliation of Pelosi lecturing you for the next two years is going to be just too much for you to handle. NewsMax has already started the anti-Pelosi hate-fest. You’ll all pile on.

    But that’s OK. It’s what losers do.

  18. For Enforcement says:

    Ken is gloating because he didn’t have what it took to make a prediction and it worked out to his liking anyhow. I will say tho that Ken is not afraid of being wrong. He hasn’t been right yet.
    Even his geography/history lesson above is so full of inaccuracies, he must not’ve even checked google for some simple facts.

  19. For Enforcement says:

    Can you imagine why he was saying:
    “we were cut-and-runners. We had Republicans, and you bloggers, say we were working on the side of Al Quaeda.”
    Could it be because you were and are.? It’s in your DNA.

    ” And worse.Given the high-tech gerrymandering,”
    How is it different now than it’s always been? The party in power in a state has always set the districts.

    That long running solid majority in the Senate lasted how long? 4 years. You already forgotten the Dems ran Senate only 4 years ago. They’ll only have it two years again this time also. Look at the seats that’ll be up next time. Ha.

    Let’s see, how many years have the Dems had the whitehouse in the last 54 years? 20? You’ll be lucky to have it 20 in the next 54.

  20. For Enforcement says:


    “a bunch of progressive Democrats ”

    You do know what the word progressive, used as you did means don’t you?
    When it became unpopular in the late 40’s early 50’s to be a communist, socialist, they insisted on being called progressive so people wouldn’t be as offended. They still are. An anti-American by any name is still an anti-American.