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Oct 30 2012

Obama’s Firewall A Sad PR Myth

The reality of the last 4 years of the Obama administration is starting to come crashing down on the left wing echo chambers in DC, NY and San Francisco. Obama’s firewall of swing states is folding like a domino set made of cheap lawn chairs. It is so bad warning signs are flaring up in […]

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Oct 13 2012

Obama Polling Shows Defeat

Sometimes people get too focused on the gap between two candidates and forget to pay attention to the actual levels. For example, an incumbent who is polling around 45-46% is more than likely to lose the election since undecided voters late in the race tend to go to the challenger. This is especially true for […]

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Sep 27 2012

Sample Problems With Current Polls: The Resistant Libertarian/Tea Party Voting Bloc

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The political blogs are all atwitter about how the polls are slanting their samples and turnout models. Some claim nefarious intentions, others see a rising tide of Democrat voters that would eclipse 2008. Many assume doom for Romney. I doubt any of these situations are true. Something else is in play, and I touched on […]

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Sep 13 2012

Empty Chair Leader Runs Off To Las Vegas As Americans Suffer

Barack Obama just doesn’t care about another term. His handlers and his party are pushing him to run, but Obama knows down deep he has lost interest. The Manchurian Candidate is clearly bored and tired. Why else run to Las Vegas for a fund raiser after our Embassies have been attacked and Americans killed? Could […]

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Aug 29 2012

Earth To Obama & Dems – You (And Government) Are Not “The Creator”

I had an epiphany during Paul Ryans wonderful and powerful speech. We know the debate this year is about where the heart of America lies. As I said yesterday, I thought WI Governor Walker nailed the Democrats by pointing out the Dems measure success by how many Americans rely on government to eek out an […]

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Aug 29 2012

Condoleeza’s Cold Splash In The Face

Secretary Condoleeza Rice’s speech was a needed dousing of cold water, needed to awake us from a stupor of liberal foreign policies. Condoleeza was amazing, reminding us that as weary as we may be to lead, the options of chaos or leadership by others with evil intents is much, much worse. Her recall back to […]

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Aug 12 2012

Take Your Pick: Tax Cuts For Rich Or Mountains Of Debt On Your Family?

If this election is going to be a decision for the middle class – as the Democrats claim – then let them stand on the Obama-Pelosi-Reid approach. David Axelrod is out today claiming the Romeny/Ryan plan will ‘lavish tax cuts in the rich’. But the alternative is mountains of generational debt on the backs of […]

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Aug 12 2012

Watch What You Ask For Dems, You Just Might Get It!

As nauseating as it is, I am sitting through the mindless babble of the Sunday Morning Lame-Sound-Bite Shows. And the Democrats are in full lick-spittle mode. The whole ‘double-down’ meme ain’t working. We know what doubling down on Obama means – bankruptcy. So I am not impressed. Rachel Maddow had the dumbest of all comments […]

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Feb 29 2012

Stuck With Mitt – For Now

Mitt Romney pulled out a weak win in Michigan last night. So that means we are stuck with him as the GOP candidate against Obama. I don’t need to emphasize how underwhelmed I am. I was happier with the McCain selection in 2008 – and I was not thrilled then either. Mitt has no more […]

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Jan 25 2012

Denial Runs Deep In The Romney Camps

It is really disturbing when your side loses its objectivity and shows signs of deep political denial. It makes them look just like liberals. For example, the Romney camps are singing “Amen!” at a bunch of new polls out. Just check this out at Hot Air: This makes three new polls showing him [Romney] either […]

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