Sep 13 2012

Empty Chair Leader Runs Off To Las Vegas As Americans Suffer

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Barack Obama just doesn’t care about another term. His handlers and his party are pushing him to run, but Obama knows down deep he has lost interest. The Manchurian Candidate is clearly bored and tired. Why else run to Las Vegas for a fund raiser after our Embassies have been attacked and Americans killed?

Could the Optics be any worse? The body of Ambassador Stevens being dragged through the streets, then candidate Obama in Las Vegas glad handing his groupie followers.


This just boils my blood.

Worse yet – that Empty Chair analogy from Clint Eastwood was tragically way too accurate:

President Obama is touting his foreign policy experience on the campaign trail, but startling new statistics suggest that national security has not necessarily been the personal priority the president makes it out to be. It turns out that more than half the time, the commander in chief does not attend his daily intelligence meeting.

ClearlyPresident Obama is clueless by choice.

Which reminds me of this Hillary Clinton 2008 Campaign ad:

For too many families working the diplomatic mission overseas, the person responsible for our national security is most definitely AWOL. He ignored the phone and went on a road trip.

Which is why I am certain our inexperienced President is not trying to get reelected, but just going through the motions. As he does for all aspects of his job. He’s done, and we should be done with him.

President Obama’s lack of effort is also showing in our still stumbling economy. The scariest chart of the year is this one [click to enlarge]:

This graph shows how the workforce has shrunk over the last 4 years of Obama’s leadership. The US population has not shrunk, just those holding jobs, or those actively looking for jobs while on unemployment support (which is how you get counted as in the work force). The number of people working is down to 1990 levels, and this shrunken force of workers is trying to support the much larger US population and all its needs. Which is why the US government is running massive deficits and spending the life’s work of generations to come. Obama spends as if the work force (which funds the bloated federal government) is much larger than it was at its peak under George W Bush! Which makes Bill Clinton’s 2012 Obama ad about full employment a sad, pathetic joke. This President has created more food stamp recipients than employed Americans.

Obama has turned his back on America. His speeches have lost their fire, he has lost interest in his responsibilities and America has realized their is no Hope in another four years of the same (except for the political connected on the liberal side of the DC swamp who keep getting tons of Federal Money to squander and waste). Government trickle-down is 100 times worse than free-market trickle down (which actually has been successfully proven by Presidents Reagan and Kennedy, to name a few). We all learned a lesson this time – government is RARELY the solution.

This time, what goes to Vega should stay in Vegas. Maybe come January 2013 Obama can set up a foundation there and wallow in the adulation of his few delusional followers. After all, that is all he seems to care about these days – speeches and glad handing…

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  1. Redteam says:

    The Empty Chair is a great description of someone who is never in the chair that he should be in. He, apparently, has not attended his daily briefing for at least the last 10 days. He had no concern about all the increased Anti-Americanism building to 9/11. Had he been at any briefing he may have had a clue to better protect Americans. He’s fully abdicated any responsibility for the office of the president and should just go ahead and resign. If not for the misguided media, the polls would likely show him trailing badly. Why is Romney ‘missing’ in action at the same time. He should be putting the blame for this on the proper shoulders.

  2. Mordecai Subaru says:

    Thank you AJ for Finally saying “Manchurian Candidate”
    The 1000 pound guerilla in the room

  3. Redteam says:

    Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey called Florida pastor Terry Jones on Wednesday to ask him to withdraw his support for the video that some reports have linked with anti-American unrest in the Muslim world, a spokesman said.
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    “He called of his own initiative over concern that the violence incited by the film would pose risks to U.S. service members around the world,” said Marine Col. Dave Lapan.

    Read more:

    Absolutely amazing that American citizens are asked to give up the freedom of speech so that the military can be protected. I am a veteran and fully respect the military, but the role is for the military to protect that right of free speech, not the other way around.

    I’m for doing what has to been done for safety of all people, but the obama administration is doing all it can to kill American spirit and cave to the muslim world. He’s succeeding.

  4. Redteam says:

    Mordecai: at some point, a spade has to be called a spade.

  5. Frogg1 says:

    Why does the Federal Gov’t care anything at all about this movie????

  6. Frogg1 says:

    Megyn Kelly Panel Rips Media over their Biased Attacks on Romney Press Confererence

    Ditto from me, “this is royally good”. They cover the whole enchilada. Not just the craziness of the media; but, the craziness of the Administrations statements, actions. They also talk about how it was not about the film. Even Democrat strategist Kirsten Powers is a strong voice of agreement on almost everything.