Aug 12 2012

Watch What You Ask For Dems, You Just Might Get It!

As nauseating as it is, I am sitting through the mindless babble of the Sunday Morning Lame-Sound-Bite Shows. And the Democrats are in full lick-spittle mode. The whole ‘double-down’ meme ain’t working. We know what doubling down on Obama means – bankruptcy. So I am not impressed.

Rachel Maddow had the dumbest of all comments on Meet The Press. Paraphrasing: Democrats looked at the field and the their best hope was Paul Ryan. The idiocy behind this is when Democrats looked at the economic mess in 2008, they completely missed the issue and made it 100 times worse through trickle-down government incompetence. So Democrats’ screwed up insight is what has them on the ropes this cycle.

All of the Dems were in the same fever-pitched mode – claiming the soon to go bankrupt Medicare program would be destroyed by Romney/Ryan (as if the gutting of it for Obamacare is not well known). Sorry, but fool us once shame on us, fool us twice …

Ain’t going to happen.

I do believe we libertarian, tea party, conservatives do have one mission. We all must go to our elders (who are sadly brain-washed by the liberal media) and ask them one favor. As long as their benefits are safe (and they are), they should step back and let those of us still working to raise and support are families (biological and corporate) a shot at this election without their unfounded fears about their benefits. It is sad this wonderful generation is so easily preyed upon by phone solicitors, catalog mass mailings and BS political fear mongering. But I know if their children and grandchildren ask, they will put their fears aside his one time.

The easiest way to neuter the Democrat cries of “The End of the World is Romney/Ryan” is to get out and promise no one over 60 years old will see any changes. This is not about them – it is about the rest of us who are going bankrupt for the next 3-4 generations. Changes are needed to change our current path – they have to come. We need to wake up, grow up and stand up and get this fixed before it destroys this country.

If you can take it, there is a lot more debate on the Sunday Morning silliness over at Hot Air.

Update: A good read today is from Jay Cost.

Romney and Ryan have three powerful rejoinders this time around:

1. Medicare is already broken. We either reform it or let it destroy our public finances.

2. Obamacare exacerbates the problems in the Medicare system, since it takes $700 billion from Medicare to fund the newly created entitlement. Even the chief actuary for the Medicare and Social Security systems, Richard Foster, concludes that Obamacare will likely yield cutbacks in services to senior citizens rendered by Medicare.

3. While the original Ryan roadmap retains these Medicare cuts (though it eliminates the Independent Payment Advisory Board and uses them all to reduce the deficit rather than create a new program), Romney has indicated disagreement with this. Expect the ultimate Romney-Ryan plan to restore all funding to Medicare, just like the more recent Ryan-Wyden plan, which is cosponsored by Oregon’s liberal senator Ron Wyden.

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2 Responses to “Watch What You Ask For Dems, You Just Might Get It!”

  1. lurker9876 says:

    The government has certainly violated the US Constitution for so long (and both parties are guilty…it’s just that one side is worse than the other in a general sense). Regardless, since the government intervened, it has to fix the problem in order to revive the private sector. There are several ways to fix the problem:

    1. Reverse bad legislation.
    2. Tax reform
    3. Entitlement reform
    4. Repeal and Replace Obamacare.

    BTW, the Ryan plan starts with the minimum of age of 55, starting down in a few more years. I’m ok with that. One way to sell it is to convince the young Americans that they will end up with more retirement money via private accounts than they would in SS. I kept asking a leftie why he would have issues with the SS dedicated to the 55 age and above group when he would get far more money back per month with the private retirement accounts. Left him speechless.

    I’m seeing “R and R” now…Romney and Ryan.

    How about “R & R & R”?

    Romney, Ryan, and Reagan!!

  2. Layman says:

    Let’s not forget that in late January 2013 President Romney will be stepping into fiscal 2013 which will ~1/3 complete and will be the most bloated spending year in history.

    His first action (OK second after not implementing the ACA) must be to write an Executive Order directing all Federal Departments to cut spending back to FY2012 levels for the entire year. Next he can ask for recommendations from his department heads for further savings for 2013.

    In the meanwhile VP Ryan has to be working with our new Senate majority leader and the House leadership to start a zero-based budgeting exercise and take FY2014 back to FY2011 levels.

    This could be accomplished in the first 90 days. If it is then I’ll actually start to believe we have a chance to ship this thing around.