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Jun 15 2009

Neanderthals On The “True Right” Killing Conservative Movement

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Some people are having trouble resolving two bits of polling data that have come out in the last  couple of weeks. The first is a Gallup poll showing ‘conservative’ is the largest self identified political view: The second is a Pew poll showing the GOP as the smallest political party, dwarfed by a growing independent […]

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Jun 15 2009

Ahmedinejad Comes In A Distant 3rd?

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A UK news organization is reporting this interesting tidbit: Mr Mousavi’s wife and co-campaigner, Zahra Ranavard, was reported as warning that riot squads would be equipped with live ammunition, raising the prospect of serious bloodshed. Iran’s Interior Ministry said Mr Mousavi would be responsible for any consequences if he went ahead with the protest. Mr […]

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Jun 15 2009

Iran’s Theocracy Thugs Fire On Muslim Protestors

The one thing that could turn the world away from threat of Muslim extremism was, sadly, a fight for the heart and soul of Islam. When this happens (as it did in Iraq in Anbar Province, as it did in Afghanistan with the defeat of Taliban rule, as it is happening in the Tribal Areas […]

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Jun 15 2009

There Are No Jobs Because There Is No Stimulus Spending

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Joe Biden was on Meet The Press where he finally admitted that the ‘saved and created‘ jobs his administration keeps touting are really bad guesses from models that did not correctly measure the economic problems or the results of the risky liberal economic experiment known as the stimulus bill. The Obama administration claims a measly 150,000 jobs […]

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