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Jun 25 2009

Iran Trying To Distract World With Iraq Carnage

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As I speculated yesterday, I think it is no coincidence that there is rising carnage in neighboring Iraq as Iran is on the verge of collapse. Desperation can cause violent insanity – as we see in the massacres taking place on the Iranian streets daily now. At least seven bombs exploded around the country Thursday […]

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Jun 25 2009

Revolutionary Guard May Be Turning To Opposition Side

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I have mentioned many times over the past week that the violent attacks on the people of Iran will probably change a lot of hearts inside the military and security forces. The reason I believe this is because security and military forces obviously come from the national community, which means when a government tries to […]

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Jun 25 2009

Ahmedinejad Snubbed By 62% Of Parliament

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It seems a majority of the nation of Iran are not happy with the coup d’etat pulled by Pretend President Ahmedinejad and the Supreme Leader Khamenei in the recent Iranian election: More than 180 Iranian MPs appear to have snubbed an invitation to celebrate President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s election win, local press reports say. All 290 […]

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Jun 25 2009

O-Bomba! Why Waste Money Saving A Life?

Update: I want welcome NY Times readers from Tobin Harshaw’s The Opinionator blog. I would like to give some context to my concern over the answers President Obama gave on his health care plans. I have medical power of attorney over my mid-to-late 80’s parents and frequent many kinds of medical facilities with them (from […]

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