Jun 15 2009

Iran’s Theocracy Thugs Fire On Muslim Protestors

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The one thing that could turn the world away from threat of Muslim extremism was, sadly, a fight for the heart and soul of Islam. When this happens (as it did in Iraq in Anbar Province, as it did in Afghanistan with the defeat of Taliban rule, as it is happening in the Tribal Areas of Pakistan with a backlash against the remnants of al Qaeda and the Taliban) then the extremist Islamists typically over reach and set the fire that consumes them.

It appears that may be happening in Iran, as thugs of the Islamist Iranian Rulers have now opened fire and killed fellow Muslims in the streets of Tehran. There is no way Islam will allow the murder of Muslims. History is replete with extremists attempting to take control of Islam and self destructing in this very manner. 

With democratically free Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan border Iran, it seems the failed and bloody tyranny of modern Islamo Fascism that came to power in the Iranian Revolution of the late 1970’s may possibly heading for defeat at the hands of the moderate Muslim street.

Update: More being reported by Al Jazeera.

Addendum: Don’t ever forget the clash of Arab and Persian cultures. In southern Iraq, when Moqtada al Sadr was trying to create a Shiite backlash against the Iraq-US coalition, he made the fatal mistake of being tied to heavily with his Persian masters in Qom Iraq. The continuing friction between Arab and Persian cultures goes back well before Islam, and is a barrier that cannot be underestimated.

If Iran is now trying to use Arab militia to control the Persian streets of Iran (as some rumors indicate), we may see a repeat of the failure in southern Iraq where Shiite Arabs rejected Persian Shiite control, even if it meant allying with Sunni Arabs in central Iraq. The Persian Shiites will definitely reject Arab Shiite thugs roaming their streets, and will rise up against any Persian government that uses Arabs to try and control Persian society.

Update: More on the protests in Iran  here – tens of thousands reportedly taking to the streets.

Update: First hand reporting on the carnage in the streets of Iran. Yeah, all is well in the land of Ahmedinejad.


Must see photos, video and reporting at Gateway Pundit. This is not dying down, it is growing rapidly, and the blood in the streets will only feed the uprising.

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3 Responses to “Iran’s Theocracy Thugs Fire On Muslim Protestors”

  1. WWS says:

    “There is no way Islam will allow the murder of Muslims.”

    Au contraire, mon frere. A time honored lesson of history is that Islam will ALWAYS allow the murder of Muslims.

  2. Terrye says:

    I guess it depends on your definition of murder.

  3. crosspatch says:

    Islam has a very long list of what constitutes “justifiable homicide”, though.