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Jun 19 2009

A Centrist Plan For Overhauling Access To Quality Health Care

There seems to be some interesting developments arising from a group of Senate centrists who want to increase access to health care, but who also want to protect our medical and insurance private sector and who oppose a government run plan (geez, look at how good the government is doing  fixing the job market!). First […]

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Jun 19 2009

Amazing Days In Iran

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  I don’t have time to post a broad review of the massive demonstrations yesterday in Iran, but then again I don’t need to when sites like this one provide a complete round up of stories, pictures and videos from the Iranians themselves. BTW, it is coming to a head as the totalitarians demand the […]

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Jun 19 2009

Unemployment Skyrocketing In Many States. Obama-Pelosi-Reid Liberal Economic Experiment Failing Miserably

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Major Update: California’s unemployment rate jumped to an all time high of 11.5% in May (from 11.1% in April). Do the Democrats really think this pivotal electoral state will stay Dem blue if these conditions continue for the rest of the year? How about Florida, where unemployment shot up 4.4% to a whopping 10.2% unemployment […]

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