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Jun 02 2009

Leftwing Extremism Is No Better Than Rightwing Extremism

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Some denizens of the leftward fevered swamps are upset that I equated the mad murderer of Dr Tiller, who the pro-lifers call a ‘mass murderer’, to the liberal anti-war nuts who promote Bush and the US military as ‘mass murderer’. The same rhetoric which probably led to the assassination of a young 23 old private […]

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Jun 02 2009

Center Of America Emerging From The Fevered Swamps

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I am glad to see more and more soul searching in the political chatter box regarding the extremism which has gripped both sides of the political spectrum. After the killing of  Dr. Tiller (the late term abortion doctor) and  that of Pvt William Long (the newly minted Army recruit), we are beginning to see where […]

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Jun 02 2009

America Speaks: Leave GITMO As Is, Keep Terrorists Outside Our Borders

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Doesn’t get any more clear than this: Americans are overwhelmingly opposed to closing the detention center for suspected terrorists at Guantanamo Bay and moving some of the detainees to prisons on U.S. soil, a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll finds. By more than 2-1, those surveyed say Guantanamo shouldn’t be closed. By more than 3-1, they oppose […]

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Jun 02 2009

Another Sign The Liberal Economic Experiment Is Failing

It is a damning sign of the breadth of failure we are experiencing with the liberal experimental policies hoisted on the nation by the Democrats in Congress and President Obama’s administration that the list of indicators of failure is so long it takes massive posts to list them all. I started with the long post […]

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Jun 02 2009

Have You Sacrificed Your Career And Life’s Work For Obama’s Liberal Economic Experiment?

This post was originally titled “Obama’s Lies On Economy Getting Out Of Control – Where Is The Job Creating Stimulus?” But it was lost over the weekend after the murders committed by the left and right fringe (see here and here) pushed the post down ‘below the fold’.  Comments by President Obama yesterday regarding the GM-Government […]

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