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Aug 10 2007

Things Continue To Progress In Iraq

The path towards a success in Iraw is still be travelled as events continue to head in the direction we need to actually have a huge success in Iraq. First off just look at this long listing of actions against al-Qaeda and their allies. So many it makes no sense to snip a few here […]

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Aug 10 2007

Dems Don’t Understand Their Lack Of Mandate On National Security

The Democrats, and their liberal media allies, have failed to face up to the fact that their razor thin margins of Congressional control do not translate into a mandate on National Security, and in fact they are still considered woefully lacking by the American people in this key area. By example, take the recent drubbing […]

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Aug 10 2007

Global Warming Fanatic Hansen Is Not “NASA”, And The Earth Ain’t Flat

I get really tired of people confusing one media hungry nut with an entire organization. Just as Senator Reid is not “The Senate”, Hansen the Global Warming media darling from a marginal offshoot office of NASA is not “NASA”. Goddard Space Flight Center, in Greenbelt, MD employs tens of thousands of civil servant and contractor […]

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Aug 10 2007

Where Is Your Apology Mad Murtha? Was This Worth The Pork?

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With the news that the tragedy in Hadithat that ended up with many dead Iraqis was not the fault of US Marines who fell under attack but, as we now know from years of bloody al-Qaeda carnage, the act of terrorists, one thing still needs to be done. Rep Jack Murtha needs to do the […]

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