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Aug 20 2007

Clinton The Clown Surrenders To Bin Laden & al-Qaeda

Hillary has shown why she will never be President. She is acknowledging the Surge is working (primarily because Iraqis are rising up against al-Qaeda and if not sending in tips taking up arms to destroy al-Qaeda), but her knee jerk, idiotic reaction is to surrender to al-Qaeda anyway! New military tactics in Iraq are working […]

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Aug 20 2007

Where Next After Iraq?

Yes, I am bullish on Iraq turning into a reasonable success. I am confident the turn of the tide with Iraqis aligning against al-Qaeda is going to make the difference. The levels of violence are dropping where al-Qaeda has been pushed out of the region, and the Muslim street is starting to oppose the random […]

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Aug 20 2007

Iraqis Continue To Turn In al-Qaeda Members

The latest ‘tip’ from fed up Iraqis, who have determined to fight al-Qaeda instead of provide them support and sanctuary within their midsts, has netted a large number of al-Qaeda members attending what must have been a serious gathering given the numbers: raqi Security Forces and 8th Iraqi Army Scouts, with U.S. Special Forces as […]

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