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Aug 09 2007

Faulty Iraq News

To illustrate the ignorance of the media at times regarding Iraq check out this mistake in an article concerning events in Iraq: Also in Anbar province, another US marine died on Tuesday in a non-combat incident, the US military said Thursday. Baquba, the capital of Anbar province, is some 60 kilometres north of Baghdad. Actually, […]

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Aug 09 2007

Senate Democrats Declare Surge Successes

It was not too many months ago, as Majority Leader Reid and Speaker Pelosi were trying to surrender Iraq to al-Qaeda, that Sen Reid declared Iraq lost. Now some senators in his party are breaking ranks with these leaders and declaring The Surge a success in many respects: One senator said U.S. troops are routing […]

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Aug 09 2007

Mad Mullahs Of Iran Join US Democrats On Iraq Surrender

The Democrats have a real problem with their Iraq policy. The only ones supporting it are the terrorists and their terrorist state allies. Now Iran claims, ludicrously, that the only path to peace in Iraq is for the US to withdrawl from Iraq: An end to violence in Iraq depends on the United States withdrawing […]

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