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Dec 28 2006

New Suspect In Litvinenko Incident

There is a new suspect in the Litvinenko incident – a Russian who travelled with Kovtun from Hamburg to London on November 1st and met up with Kovtun in London later that day. And now the admitting this incident is associated with smuggling of Polonium-210 into London Detectives investigating the murder of Alexander Litvinenko are […]

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Dec 28 2006

Polonium, Mercury, And A Dirty Bomb?

The Litvinenko story has taken a strange twist with reports of a Mercury Trail that covers Moscow and London and, apparently, overlaps the Polonium-210 trail associated with Litvinenko’s bizzare death last month. The prosecutor general’s office said traces of evaporated mercury had been found in cars, flats, cottages and offices in both Moscow and London. […]

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Dec 28 2006

More Clues To The Litvinenko Puzzle

It is interesting how the media swarm on the Litvinenko incident as died way down. I keep wondering what in the world caused the about face (besides competing stories on the modern Ripper). But some interesting new clues are slowly coming out, and I think everyone has decided to take a deep breath and stop […]

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Dec 27 2006

Mercury And Polonium?

Saldy folks I ended up with a terrible Christmas cold which is making me miserable. So the posting is light (and light headed). The news out today is that the Russians are looking at how another exiled Oligarch, Leonid Nevzlin, may have played a role in the Litvinenko incident: “A version is being looked at […]

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Dec 27 2006

Agreeing With An Anti-War Liberal On Litvinenko

It has become a very strange time indeed when I find myself in complete agreement with an anti-war liberal. In this case it is on the Litvinenko incident, and the argument laid out is an excellent synopsis of my posts on this matter. My impression of liberals has been inching upward recently, as I see […]

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Dec 27 2006

Rest In Peace President Ford

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It is sad to wake up this morning and have the first news be that of the death of a good President. The news stories will say it better than I can, but Gerald Ford was the ultimate example of sacrificing political gain in order to do right by the country. After Bill Clinton held […]

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Dec 26 2006

Biden’s Folly

Some things in life are near absolutes, and Joseph Biden making a political blunder of things is one of those sure fire results you can almost count on. Biden is trying to position himself for a Presidential campaign in 2008, and his plan to is run as the modern day Neville Chamberlain: President Bush is […]

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Dec 26 2006

Will Bush Make Adjustments On Illegal Immigration?

Now that the Congressional Republicans have made themselves impotent on national issues by sacrificing progress to grasp onto politically unsustainable positions, the President is going to do what it takes to get major problems addressed. And while no solution is perfect, progress is a winning strategy over holding issues hostage. The big issue for the […]

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Dec 26 2006

Why Is Goldfarb Defending Scaramella?

One of the truly under reported aspects of the Litvinenko incident is how all the players in this mystery are linked together. Even the suspected poisoners (for those who subscribe to the assassination theory) are associates with ties to Boris Berezovsky and Litvinenko. It is well known that Lugovoi had ties to Berezovsky, but apparently […]

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Dec 25 2006

Merry Christmas

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I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and I hope their day will be filled with the cheer and warmth of family and friends. I want to thank everyone who takes time out of their busy days to come by and read my ramblings and share their thoughts and take part in the great […]

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