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Dec 17 2006

Finally, Recognition Of The Polonium Smuggling Theory

Finally even the Times UK is now acknowledging that the amount of Polonium-210 used to kill Litvinenko (now down to only $10 million in value) was way beyond what was necessary for assassination, and are facing the possibility this was a smuggling ring gone bad: British investigators believe that Alexander Litvinenko’s killers used more than […]

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Dec 17 2006

NK Totally Isolated

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President Bush’s determined stance on 6 way talks to deal with North Korea’s out of control nuclear program is paying big dividends right now: THE prospects for continued peace in north Asia depend on the six-party talks on North Korea’s nuclear status, which resume in Beijing today after 15 stormy political months on the Korean […]

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Dec 17 2006

Muslim Civil War

The liberal media and many on the left think the US is responsible for all the bloodshed that is rocking the Muslim world in the Middle East, but that is a very naive point of view. The fact is that since 9-11, when the US went on the offensive, the Muslim and Arab communities have […]

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Dec 17 2006

Ridiculous Assassination Theory

The assissination theories are really getting strained and bizarre with the latest ‘speculation’ from Yuri Shvets. His theory is pretty lame with lots and lots of wholes in it: Yuri Shvets, an ex-spy based in the United States, said Mr Litvinenko, who died in a London hospital on 23 November from poisoning by Polonium-210, had […]

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