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Dec 06 2006

Democrats Negotiating In Secret With Hamas

The Democrats are playing as very dumb and dangerous game by holding secret talks with terrorist organizations. 9-11 is not THAT distant of a memory. I am sure these modern Neville Chamberlains will come running back with all sorts of wonderfully naive promises of peace and happiness.

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Dec 06 2006

Radiation Checks In Istanbul Turkey

It seems ground handlers in Turkey are now being checked for Polonium-210 contamination (it even hit the Iranian newspapers). This would really explode the possible path of the radiation from the Litvinenko murder in London. I do not recall any of the suspect planes flying as far as Turkey, but that apears to be the […]

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Dec 06 2006

Connecting Nuclear Dots

I feel like I am playing six degrees to Kevin Bacon, but I think we may have found links between Berezovsky, through his Ukraine businesses, to Al Qaeda and Iran regarding nukes. But there is a connection. Al Qaeda and the Taliban were tied heavily to the Ukraine which was implicated in the transfer of […]

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Dec 06 2006

Scaramella Ready To Talk

Scaramella looks ready to talk and provide evidence. It looks like he has information that points to a large effort (which really stretches the assassination theory to its limits): The Italian contact of poisoned Russian Alexander Litvinenko claims he has a cache of documentary evidence that could shed light on the case. Mario Scaramella was […]

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Dec 06 2006

Lugovoi Was Trailing Polonium-210

It seems Andrei Lugovoi was trailing Polonium-210 now that contamination has been found in the British Embassy in Moscow where he gave a televised statement a few days back. It would also seem to be confirmed that the airlines with the Polonium-210 were one where Lugovoi left Moscow to come to London and one where […]

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Dec 06 2006

ISG A Wasted Punt

The Iraq Survey Group has come out and demonstrated their total incompetence and futility. Instead of providing a plan to win in Iraq (which we are not winning or losing, still battling) they have decided the politicians would best be served if they did not have to deal with Iraq during the next election cycle. […]

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Dec 06 2006

Ahmadinejad Threatens West: Convert Or Else

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad seems to be signalling Iran is ready to begin it Jim Jones march to martyrdom: Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has warned Western leaders to follow the path of God or “vanish from the face of the earth”. “These oppressive countries are angry with us … a nation that on the other […]

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Dec 06 2006

More Cool Stuff From NASA

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Water on Mars would make exploration much easier – and it sure looks like there is a lot of it locked underground as perma frost. As the explorers who travelled the globe had to figure out how to ‘”live off the land”, we too can explore this solar system and find new sources of materials […]

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Dec 06 2006

Russian Banker Assassinated

It seems someone is truly trying to rapidly cover up some tracks. News is out that a key Russian banker who was spearheading an effort to close down money laundering for illegal efforts was assassinated (the old fashion way – using cheap bullets): The first deputy chairman of Russia’s central bank died in hospital on […]

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Dec 06 2006

Berezovsky Strikes Back

It seems we have a media war going on now that someone in Litvinenko’s “network” (which would be Berezvosky’s network) is trying to link a Litvinenko critic to the FSB: The prominent English Sunday newspaper The Observer published an article where Julia Svetlichnaya accused Litvinenko of possessing secret documents that he intended to use to […]

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