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Dec 19 2006

Am I Eating Polonium-210 Crow?

According to an ex-KGB officer in London I might have to eat some Polonium crow on the smuggling angle of this story: Gordievsky claimed he knew who the murderer was on the fourth day after it happened. He said that British experts also knew it, “but they have been doing everything step by step, as […]

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Dec 19 2006

Too Late To Whine Now

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I am with Rush Limbaugh on the fears expressed by Republicans that Bush may make a deal with the Dems to help social security by extending the income at which point SS cuts off. The fools should have thought of that 4 years ago when Bush was pushing is social security reform and they sat […]

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Dec 19 2006

More People Showing Up Contaminated

Three more people have shown up contaminated with Polonium-210. They are hotel workers with two coming from the Millenium Hotel (Oct 30th – Nov 1st) and one from the Sheraton Park Lane (Oct 25-27th): Three new people have tested positive for low levels of the radioactive element that killed Alexander Litvinenko, it was disclosed today. […]

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Dec 19 2006

The War For The Heart Of Islam Rages

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The ME is now, finally, taking its future into its own hands and deciding whether they will live under the brutal oppression of Islamo Fascism or in the modern world. There is a role for the devoutly religious in our world of consumerism, me-first, and what-ever-turns-you-on media driven society. From the open civil war in […]

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Dec 19 2006

Knocking Down Tall Poles In Iraq

Those who do not have to deal with complex and difficult problems never seem to understand that one must deal with a line up of challenges, knocking them down one-by-one on the path to success. This has been the untold story in Iraq because the media don’t have a long view on anything. Their attention […]

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Dec 19 2006

Lugovoi And Litvinenko Working Together For A Year

The idea Lugovoi was an assassin is an interesting one, except the fact he was not a Putin supporter, was an ally of Boris Berezovsky and was working business opportunities with Litvinenko for over a year. Other than that he is the perfect candidate for the Putin directed assassin: He said their relationship became business-like […]

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Dec 19 2006

The Dirty Polonium Bomb

I am loath, like most, to discuss technical possibilities related to terrorist attacks because they can educate the terrorists and give them ideas. At times it leaves me to debate with one hand behind my back – but so be it. But once the media reports then the genie is out of the bottle and […]

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