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Dec 28 2006

New Suspect In Litvinenko Incident

There is a new suspect in the Litvinenko incident – a Russian who travelled with Kovtun from Hamburg to London on November 1st and met up with Kovtun in London later that day. And now the admitting this incident is associated with smuggling of Polonium-210 into London Detectives investigating the murder of Alexander Litvinenko are […]

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Dec 28 2006

Polonium, Mercury, And A Dirty Bomb?

The Litvinenko story has taken a strange twist with reports of a Mercury Trail that covers Moscow and London and, apparently, overlaps the Polonium-210 trail associated with Litvinenko’s bizzare death last month. The prosecutor general’s office said traces of evaporated mercury had been found in cars, flats, cottages and offices in both Moscow and London. […]

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Dec 28 2006

More Clues To The Litvinenko Puzzle

It is interesting how the media swarm on the Litvinenko incident as died way down. I keep wondering what in the world caused the about face (besides competing stories on the modern Ripper). But some interesting new clues are slowly coming out, and I think everyone has decided to take a deep breath and stop […]

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