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Dec 01 2006

Now If it Was An Assassination Attempt On Litvinenko…

I have been exchanging emails with a very interesting person who agrees with Clarice Feldman and disagrees with me on whether this entire event was an assassination attempt or not. The reason this person is interesting is she is a well known liberal writer and, while disagree on the motivations, she and I agree on […]

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Dec 01 2006

Litvinenko Story Turns From Assassination Towards Black Market

The Times UK is reporting that the authorities investigating the Litvinenko contamination incident are now (finally) looking towards the underworld and not just a political assassination hit: Alexander Litvinenko may have been killed after a deal that went wrong with associates involved in the ruthless world of Russian business. According to security sources, investigators are […]

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Dec 01 2006

Zakayev’s Car Was Contaminated

As I posted the yesterday, the car of Ahmed Zakayev, a Chechen Rebel leader, was found to be contaminated with Polonium-210. And the news that Scaramellas dose was much lower than Litvinenko’s plays a big role in possible scenarios of how the contamination spread.

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Dec 01 2006

Another Contaminated Man Linked To Litvinenko

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Sorry folks, looks like this is just another story on Scaramella. The Russian contact through me off! It would seem another person, a man who met Litvinenko and who is not Scaramella, has tested positive to the Polonium-210: A second man who met with the murdered ex-KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko has been confirmed as exposed […]

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Dec 01 2006

AJStrata’s Litvinenko Theory

OK, I am still of the mind this is not a botched assasination attempt but a botched nuclear contraband effort. I hate to defy the wisdom of my readers and I finally have had a personal breakthrough to understand the conflicting reporting. First off, for my theory to be right nuclear material should be coming […]

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Dec 01 2006

Berezovsky’s PR Machine

A must read on Berezovsky’s PR machine (e.g, Alexander Goldfarb) feeding the news media regarding the Litvinenko death.

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Dec 01 2006

The List Of Contaminated Sites

Update: New twist on the timeline from this article referenced by a reader: Scaramella also described how Litvinkeno had mentioned he had been at a meeting beforehand. “He said to me that he was in London to see some people in the morning and that he would be free to see me in the afternoon,” […]

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Dec 01 2006

Scaramella Is Contaminated

Update: The news about Scaramella has caused the UK’s anti-terrorism committee, COBRA, to go into session again this morning. This news really does muddy the waters. And I am still waiting to here how Berezovsky’s offices became contaminated and when. – end update This news is also quite important to the timeline of events: An […]

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Dec 01 2006

Polonium Traced To Russian Nuclear Plant

Major Update: Russia is denying UK media reports that the reactor site in question could be the source of the Polonium since the site doesn’t produce Polonium (but does produce Plutonium). It would seem maybe that tracing is not as good as first perceived. – end update Knowing how dodgy the reporting has been on […]

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Dec 01 2006

Berezovsky Has “Scanned” Letters On Litvinenko

Update: The letters referred to below were ‘smuggled’ out of Russia. And detectives are investigating letters smuggled out of Russia which purport to show the existence of a secret squad set up to target Mr Litvinenko and others. Scotland Yard has been passed copies of two letters apparently written in jail by former Russian spy […]

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