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Aug 01 2005

Taliban Using Children

What is it with extremist islamo fascist terrorists and their use of children to do their dirty work. I mean, they attack unarmed, unsuspecting civilians in the first place. But then these great Muslim Warriors hide behind children? Kabul: Afghanistan’s Taliban have become more ruthless and more willing to use suicide bombers and child soldiers […]

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Aug 01 2005

Al Qaeda Wiped From Internet

Well this is good news. I know there will be those free speech absolutists out there that disagree, but having Al Qaeda sites wiped from the internet makes it harder for them to coordinate distributed attacks without devices or systems that are more easily tracked to individuals. Over the past fortnight Israeli intelligence agents have […]

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Aug 01 2005

Saudi Repercussions

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The news of King Fahd’s passing is going to set off some interesting repurcussions in Saudia Arabia and the region. His has not been in actual power since his 1995 stroke, when his hald brother took control of the levers of power in the country. His half brother, Prince Abdullah is now the new King […]

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