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Aug 18 2005

Able Danger, Senate Hearings, Update XVIII

This is something many have been calling for. Fox News is reporting that the Senate is considering Senate hearing into Able Danger. The military intelligence official who first spoke publicly about Able Danger (search), the pre-Sept. 11 task force looking for terror threats to the United States, went to Capitol Hill Thursday to brief staffers […]

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Aug 18 2005

Democrats Stealing Homeland Security Money?

If you thought Able Danger was big, check out what could be the beginning of the end of democrat power in NJ – or at least should be the end. From Gay Patriot: This evening, I can report exclusively that this scandal will result in impeachment proceedings against NJ State Attorney General Peter Harvey, perhaps […]

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Aug 18 2005

Do The Sheehan

I am NOT going to start a category devoted to this woman. OK, I might. Hardball had a very well known – name escapes me of course – democrat operative on with Tony Blankley who was defending Sheehan until Nora O’Donnell (sp?) points out Sheehan called Bush a terrorists, thought Iraq was for oil and […]

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Aug 18 2005

Able Danger Humor

Sorry for the light posting, but work comes first. Some really funny things were said today on talk radio. Now the folks saying them were not thinking they were funny, they were trying to emphasize the seriousness of the issue. I think those who care about this country not being attacked take it seriously, and […]

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Aug 18 2005

We Need More Un-Sheehans

Our country needs more parents, spouses, children and families of our fallen and injured heroes to speak out and take back the image of these incredible people from Cindy Sheehan. She can diminish her own son by making him out to be a dupe to a cause his all-wise and all-knowing (and foul mouthed) mother […]

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Aug 18 2005

This Is Treason

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The left may not like this, but there are limits on dissent. When you call for the overthrow of your elected leaders (which means you have given up on democracy) or you call for attacks on your country and military – that is treason. And so is this: The Government is facing demands to close […]

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Aug 18 2005

Condi For President 2008

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That is my hope and desire. And Apparently she is leading in a new Iowa Poll [hat tip GOPbloggers]

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Aug 18 2005

Able Danger Round Up 8/18/09

Not surprisingly, the flood that came out yesterday on Able Danger subsided a bit today, most likely to wait on the Pentagon statement or any new breaking news. I am posting whatever has new information or perspectives in these daily round ups, since the blogoshpere is rampant with discussion. First the news outlets. The NY […]

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