Aug 01 2005

Taliban Using Children

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What is it with extremist islamo fascist terrorists and their use of children to do their dirty work. I mean, they attack unarmed, unsuspecting civilians in the first place. But then these great Muslim Warriors hide behind children?

Kabul: Afghanistan’s Taliban have become more ruthless and more willing to use suicide bombers and child soldiers in attacks, a US general said on Monday, vowing that polls next month would go ahead regardless.

Speaking at a Kabul press conference, he said that “Al-Qaeda and associated movements were handed a strategic defeat last year with Afghanistan’s election of a president, but they will continue to challenge us.”

More than 400 enemy fighters had been killed or captured in southern Afghanistan this year, driving the insurgents to resort to more extreme tactics because they could not defeat US forces in the field, Kamiya said.

Five clerics had been killed in southern and eastern Afghanistan in the past two months, and 21 people had been killed in the suicide bombing of the funeral of a cleric in the southern city of Kandahar, he said.

Kamiya said the Taliban’s recruiting had been affected and the insurgents were increasingly using young and poorly trained fighters. He has earlier said some insurgents were thought to be only 14 years old.

“They are having trouble attracting recruits and they are forcing families to provide a son to serve in their ranks,” the general said Monday.

“We know this because the enemy fighters we kill are younger and less experienced.”

Is this the Islam Mohammed had in mind? I truly doubt it.

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