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Aug 16 2005

Able Danger, Busting Loose, Update XV

The Able Danger people are starting to come forward. In a combined interview with the NYTimes and FOX News we have this information: Colonel Shaffer said in an interview that the small, highly classified intelligence program known as Able Danger had identified by name the terrorist ringleader, Mohammed Atta, as well three of the other […]

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Aug 16 2005

Able Danger News Alert Update XIV

If this is true we may finally begin to get some answers on Able Danger Rep. Curt Weldon said Monday that one or more members of an elite team of military intelligence officers who had identified al Qaeda hijacker Mohamed Atta as a terrorist threat two years before he led the 9/11 attacks are prepared […]

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Aug 16 2005

Oh The Cluelessness!

The Cluelessness never ends. And this week (as I suspected) Cindy Sheehan has taken a starring role. Come one! Come all! And see the world’s clueless on display!

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Aug 16 2005

Coalition of The Chillin Was Right

Remember the days when the gang of 14 made that controversial deal on filibusters and many conservatives ran for the doors saying that we had lost the battle fo the judges. And many on the left crowed and preened and gloated in their great victory. And then there was that calm, unruffled group called the […]

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Aug 16 2005

Outlook on 2006

Lite and intermittent blogging for today (and maybe a few days) as I deal with work. Mort Kondracke has an interesting article out on RealClearPolitics today showing the history of 2nd term, off year elections. Basically history says the dems should have some serious pick ups in the House and Senate. I have my doubts […]

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