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Aug 27 2005

Able Danger, Weldon’s Speech, Update XX

For those wondering about the difference between an “Update” and a “Round Up” on Able Danger, updates are my posts on a specific topic while a round up canvasses the news and internet for new or breaking information. This post revisits the Weldon speech on the floor of The House in June 2005, which really […]

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Aug 27 2005

Salute To An Honorable Man

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The Anchoress passed this story to me, and I pass it on to all of you. It is the story of a young volunteer chaplain who started his active duty on the beaches of Normandy. “Here he was, almost fresh out of seminary, and this was his first duty station?” said an incredulous Rev. Monsignor […]

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Aug 27 2005

Hitchens, Iraq And Bush

I have been so swamped in Able Danger I have not had a chance to keep up on other issues or articles. On person I like to keep track of is Christopher Hitchens. Hitchens is such a refreshing, unabashed, brilliant liberal one wonders why he is not more prominent than the Howard Deans and Michael […]

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Aug 27 2005

Able Danger Round Up, 08/27/05

UPDATE IV: More updates at the end. Rick Moran from Right Wing Nut House sent me a very informative email regarding the Global Research story I led with today. Hopefully it was clear I had serious doubts about the story, but I could see it mixed enough fact with fiction unsubstantiated information to meet the […]

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