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Oct 01 2010

Christine O’Donnell Is Not Worthy Of America, Let Alone The Tea Party Movement

There was probably a good reason some of the Tea Party groups in DE stayed away from Christine O’Donnell and refused to support her. All recent evidence shows O”Donnell has incredible trouble with the truth, and that she bends the rules and misrepresents constantly. She is beyond a serial liar, she just can’t stop herself […]

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Sep 21 2010

O’Donnell In Real Trouble This Time, Does Not Deserve Tea Party Support

Look, we all make mistakes. It is really important that people admit when they are fooled into believing something or in someone based on desire instead of facts. Those who opposed Obama expect this from independents and others who mistakenly put their faith in Obama’s words during the campaign. We railed about the lack of […]

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Sep 20 2010

This Could Hurt Christine O’Donnell

I was not impressed or bothered by Bill Maher’s witchy extortion attempt on Christine O’Donnel, or by O’Donnell’s views regarding porn and faithfulness to your spouse or partner. I was not concerned over her views from 15-20 years ago because everyone should be wiser as they get older. I was concerned about her personal finances […]

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Sep 19 2010

Christine The Witch

Lots of back and forth over Bill Maher’s latest effort to be something, this time through blackmail and extortion aimed at Christine O’Donnell. It is a fairly gross and crass act, which will probably endear voters to O’Donnell and finish off Maher’s cancerous career. But the response to the realization Christine O’Donnell had a date […]

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Sep 14 2010

The Vetting Obama Never Received

Governor Palin and others may be upset that their lemon of a candidate in the DE GOP primary is imploding – but if Christine O’Donnell does implode it will be because some people performed the due diligence on this candidate that should have been done on President Obama. We have learned a lot about Christine […]

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