Oct 01 2010

Christine O’Donnell Is Not Worthy Of America, Let Alone The Tea Party Movement

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There was probably a good reason some of the Tea Party groups in DE stayed away from Christine O’Donnell and refused to support her. All recent evidence shows O”Donnell has incredible trouble with the truth, and that she bends the rules and misrepresents constantly. She is beyond a serial liar, she just can’t stop herself it seems.

I will begin with the harmless lies – the exaggeration of personal accomplishments. But I will end this with a serious admission to falsifying campaign finance records and filing false reports. These are felonies, and should not be dismissed as harmless.

First, the strange case of O’Donnell’s less than stellar path through higher education. Seems her bio has had references (or mis-references) to her educational background. Patterico has a good rundown of the mess, where O’Donnell denied placing misleading information on websites like LinkedIn, but it is clear the records of one of these sites indicates O’Donnell’s denials are likely to be false. Patterico somes it up nicely for me:

Why does any of this matter? Well, if she flat-out lied when asked if she created these profiles, you have to decide for yourself whether that makes a difference to you.

As for me, I hate weasels. If O’Donnell turns out to be a weasel on this — and it’s sure looking that way — I’m done. I’m not sacrificing my credibility to support a serial liar. I wouldn’t support Coons either, of course. I would just declare a pox on all their houses.

There is a huge difference between supporting someone who you disagree with policy-wise on occasion (like a Castle, McCain, Snowe, Lieberman, etc) and supporting a liar – and possible felon. In the consensus nature of democratic government it is not treason to the country or the party to support legislation that can draw Democrats and Republicans – as many purist love to cry out. But it treasonous to the honor and integrity of the American people to elevate a failed human being to high office. I just cannot agree with comments like this:

To some, it will not matter. One of my commenters said today that he would support her as long as she is not an axe murderer.

That is pure desperation. What about a child molester? Rapist? Armed robber? Drunk driver who killed? Illegal alien? This is what we call the slippery slope. Steve Taylor at Outside The Beltway has even more embellishments and lies. O’Donnell lies so much she cannot seems to control herself. She seems to be suffering from terminal insecurity, so she continuously exaggerates her accomplishments and tries to hide her mistakes. All this would just make her pathetic in most people’s books. But …

I was done with Christine O’Donnell when it became evident she lied about using campaign money for personal use. A lie her lawyer has apparently quietly admitted – in a round about way:

Ms. Mitchell also has stated that Ms. O’Donnell will go back and “correct” FEC forms that might have “mistakenly” listed expenses incorrectly. Further, Ms. Mitchell has suggested Ms. O’Donnell will retroactively take a salary from the campaign, which would make the rent payments permissible. If this sounds legally dubious, that’s because it is.

While candidates legally can collect a salary from their campaign, they can’t do so retroactively. Just like a bank robber can’t go back in time and claim the stolen money was actually a “security consulting fee,” Ms. O’Donnell can’t turn back the clock either.

Ms. O’Donnell would prefer Delawareans focus not on her actions, but on CREW’s motives. First, CREW is a nonpartisan organization with a long record of taking on unethical politicians regardless of party affiliation. But more important, Christine O’Donnell is running to serve the people of Delaware as their elected representative in the United States Senate — a position that demands integrity and honesty.

The attempt to go back and change the record is a clear admission she lied on her campaign finance reports. As the CREW piece notes, this is a federal crime. This is even more of a crime than diverting student scholarship funds for the needy to congressional families, friends and supporters. Yes, it is a CREW piece and I am not a big fan of CREW – but even a stopped watch is right twice a day.

I cannot and will not back someone who lies and cheats. And I will, in fact, oppose that person being elected to high office. This country deserves better. Those who gave their lives to protect this country and its people deserve better. The GOP and Tea Party deserve better. I will accept nothing less. Average citizens who have some quirks are just fine with me. Liars, cheats and felons – that is where my line stands.

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10 Responses to “Christine O’Donnell Is Not Worthy Of America, Let Alone The Tea Party Movement”

  1. lurker9876 says:

    So you would have no problems if Coons wins this election?

    Coons is certainly the worse choice of all three. He’s a full-fledged Marxist that dabbled into witchcraft while at Yale as discovered by Jeffrey Lords.

    Castle is too much of a moderate to be re-elected. Besides, he ran too many terms. It’s time to retire him. I’m glad he lost. The Tea party movement does not need him but Karl Rove supported this candidate.

    If I had to cast my vote between Coons and O’Donnell, my vote would go to O’Donnell and seek a better candidate in the next election.

    But perhaps a Coons win would be similar to Obama win…waking up more Delaware voters into seeking a far better candidate in the next welection.

  2. WWS says:

    Surprising that Castle himself thought he would lose in a three way race. (he’d have run if he thought he could win)

  3. Jay032 says:

    You reap what you sow. Delaware Republicans sowed a disaster of a candidate for Senate, and they’ll reap a staggering loss in what was otherwise a winnable race in November. I have no sympathy for them because Delaware Republicans knew what they were getting in voting for O’Donnell. Maybe next time they’ll nominate a candidate who’s not a blatant con artist. I’d recommend trying to recruit Jane Brady.

  4. Redteam says:

    I don’t live in Delaware so I’m not voting for any of the three, thank goodness. But (a three letter word) there are a lot of; if, (a two letter word) in all those allegations. Here we have all these ‘facts’ about an obscure senate candidate in Delaware and we still don’t know where Obama was born, where he went to school, and just how he ‘qualifies’ as a ‘natural born’ citizen in accordance with the 2nd amendment. Seems as if a lot of people didn’t have any problem voting for him with all these ‘if’s.

    As I said; I don’t vote in Delaware, but I still believe O’Donnell will win because she is not a marxist or a democrat, both which are ‘out’ this year.

  5. AJStrata says:

    Yeah Redteam,, the right is pulling the same crap with O’Donnell we got with Obama – no vetting, can’t challenge, won’t answer charges….

  6. Jay032 says:

    Well, someho I don’t think being a serial liar, con artist, and fiscally irresponsible deadbeat is in this year either, so I don’t see exactly what case O’Donnell can make for herself.

  7. Layman says:


    Do you live in Deleware? Do you have personal knowledge of O’Donnell? The reason I ask is because you appear to have a personal dislike and vendetta against her siince day one. You’re normally pretty clear headed in your reasoning, even when I disagree with you, but when it comes to O’Donnell all that comes from you is vitriol.

    Don’t believe me… ” it treasonous to the honor and integrity of the American people to elevate a failed human being to high office.” Or how about “…child molester? Rapist? Armed robber? Drunk driver who killed? Illegal alien?” Yep, pretty over the top in my opinion.

    You may be right – she may not be worthy of support – but to take a CREW article at face value and immediately desend into this level of personal attack. Gotta be something more to it. Confess! It’s good for the soul. : -)

  8. AJStrata says:

    Well Layman, Well Spotted. I don’t need to live in DE to find her lack of morals and honesty disturbing. I do not support her and will withhold support from any group willing to lower their standards and her clearly unethical behavior like that. She has admitted to falsifying campaign finance reports and using that money for personal reasons.

    That is a felony and no different from a congressman who diverts college assistance for the needy to their family.

    How could you miss this???

  9. Layman says:


    Since day one you’ve had a very intense position against this woman. Don’t believe me – go back and read your post the day after the primary election. And lately the intensity has stepped up. When you started tossing around the phrases I quoted above it really peaked my interest. I asked myself why is a normally reasonable guy who can make a clear coherent point suddenly lacing his posts with vitriol and invective? You have not used such language to criticize truly disgusting/convicted politicians.

    O’Donnell is clearly not the brightest bulb in the box as they say, and it appears she has a problem with the truth. The people of DE will decide if she is a “failed human being” unworthy of high office. I just expect a higher standard from you – not an outburst ala Jerry Brown v. Meg Whitman. It still has me wondering what else is going on? Why has this simpleton of a candidate gotton under your skin to such a large degree? Inquiring minds want to know!

  10. AJStrata says:

    Layman, I don’t like her, want her, or respect her. She lies and misused campaign funds. She has no job, no family. She cannot run a business. She is Obama all over again!