Sep 21 2010

O’Donnell In Real Trouble This Time, Does Not Deserve Tea Party Support

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Look, we all make mistakes. It is really important that people admit when they are fooled into believing something or in someone based on desire instead of facts. Those who opposed Obama expect this from independents and others who mistakenly put their faith in Obama’s words during the campaign. We railed about the lack of vetting when the media promoted his flawed and inexperienced candidacy. We should expect the same honest assessment from those – including Governor Palin and Senator DeMint – who put their reputations on the line with Christine O”Donnell.

O’Donnell spouts a lot of words and phrases that echo the Tea Party and GOP priorities this year. But she also has been skirting the laws and filing misleading paperwork and financial statements. Instead of representing the best of America, she at times reflects the worst of DC. Just watch this fair and damning CNN piece:

The flap now coming into the public about her campaign finance shenanigans is devastating to the broader Tea Party, GOP and conservative cause. There is no getting around it any more. Christine O’Donnell does not deserve the backing of these organizations and supporters. In fact, she may not deserve to be claim any association with the good, hard working people trying to take back their country from people who flaunt the laws and misuse the public trust.

We cannot allow candidates to shrug off the rules. This is how you get decorated war veterans like Randy “Duke” Cunningham find themselves in jail for abusing his congressional seat. We let bad behavior get a pass, until it grows into corruption.

This kind of false reporting is a special affront to us small business owners and federal contractors who follow the financial reporting rules to the ‘T’. While I disagree with much of my corporate reporting requirements, I know some level of honest reporting is required to avoid charlatans and crooks from ripping people or the tax payers off. If O’Donnell cannot face this, admit she screwed up and promise to make reparations, then she is just another slick-dodging pol – and does not deserve the support of the Tea Party movement.

Is the price of DC power really worth this?

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24 Responses to “O’Donnell In Real Trouble This Time, Does Not Deserve Tea Party Support”

  1. Layman says:

    Is the price of DC power really worth this?

    I’m not sure, but AJ, you seem totally convinced that supporting a leftist leaning (not moderate) RINO was worth it. And now you’re doing your best to see to it that a “bearded marxist” will get in. I don’t get you sometimes.

  2. AJStrata says:


    I’m simple. I have minimal standards for professionalism, honor and integrity O’Donnell fails. I preferred Castle with is not so great right of center record and promise to repeal Obamacare over the marxist AND the questionable, untested, unproven O’Donnell.

    O’Donnell has too many credibility issues when it comes to her campaign finances and following the law. She is possibly an upcoming Rangel or Duke Cunningham (to pick on both parties).

    The fact is, all those who voted for O’Donnell are the ones who will have put the Marxist in office! Don’t blame me for the uniformed and ignorant decisions of DE primary voters!

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