Sep 14 2010

The Vetting Obama Never Received

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Governor Palin and others may be upset that their lemon of a candidate in the DE GOP primary is imploding – but if Christine O’Donnell does implode it will be because some people performed the due diligence on this candidate that should have been done on President Obama. We have learned a lot about Christine O’Donnell, and none of it makes are admirable or worthy of support.

The latest salvo out is a testimonial from her own former campaign manager:

The call features the voice of Kristin Murray, who ran O’Donnell’s 2008 Senate campaign against then-Sen. Joe Biden, and who charges that her old boss “is no conservative.”

“I got into politics because I believe in conservative values and wanted to make a difference. But I was shocked to learn that O’Donnell is no conservative,” says Murray, according to a script obtained by POLITICO.

“This is her third Senate race in five years. As O’Donnell’s manager, I found out she was living on campaign donations – using them for rent and personal expenses, while leaving her workers unpaid and piling up thousands in debt,” she says.

Perhaps the most biting line in the call delivered by Murray: “She wasn’t concerned about conservative causes. O’Donnell just wanted to make a buck.”

Murray’s call marks the second time a former O’Donnell campaign staffer has come forward in recent days to publicly rebuke the former television commentator’s candidacy.

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This story fits the rest of what we have learned pretty well. She supposed lived on less than $6,000 last year. She has been sued by former employees for back wages, she has sued her former employer for firing her when she was caught doing a side business on company time. She exaggerates and has a serious martyr complex.

Face it, the Tea Party and Governor Palin and a lot of other people got snookered. This woman has been held up as some kind of paragon of conservative virtue. All I see is a con artist who says what people – who don’t REALLY know her – want to hear.

We let one delusional martyr get into office in 2008, and look what it cost this nation. No need to repeat it in DE.

Those who thought from afar O’Donnell was the second coming of conservatism need to wake up. She is a cypher, and unknown and unproven entity. At best she is a question mark no one should be expected to take at face value, especially when it is a given her opponent can pick up a senate seat for the GOP.

Everyone makes mistakes, it is not admitting it that destroys credibility.

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  1. Terrye says:

    People have just gone off the deep end with this race. Right now Mark Levin and Dan Reihl seem to be trying to do anything to undercut conservatives like the guys at Powerline who had questions or concerns about O’Donnell. Levin called the idiots and all kinds of stuff. The latest charge by O’Donnell supporters is that Castle voted to impeach Bush and they challenged Powerline to respond, this is what they said:

    The madness continues, as activists who support Christine O’Donnell in the Delaware Senate primary have stepped up their attacks on Mike Castle by alleging that he voted to impeach President Bush. That will come as a surprise to those who wonder how they missed such a vote, but Dan Riehl assures us that it is true. Not only that, he explicitly ties this claim to radio talk show host Mark Levin’s attack on us; he titles his post “Paging Powerline.” He says that he would “like to hear from Powerline as to why they are supporting someone who signed on to such ‘moonbattery’ and did such damage to our country.”

    First of all, Riehl’s claim–which he says may have originated with Mark Levin–is absurd on its face. The House of Representatives never voted on whether to impeach President Bush. The vote that Riehl and other anti-Castle pundits refer to is this one, to refer Dennis Kucinich’s impeachment resolution to the House Judiciary Committee. That motion passed; obviously it was not an impeachment resolution, or we would have had an impeachment trial. Castle was one of 24 Republicans who voted for the referral resolution, along with conservative stalwarts like Peter King, Kevin Brady, Ralph Hall, and others.

    Was a vote for this referral resolution tantamount to a vote to impeach President Bush, as Dan Riehl and, reportedly, Mark Levin claim? That certainly isn’t what left-wingers thought. Here is how the web site Impeach Bush covered the vote:

    Q: Is it a good thing that it was referred to the Judiciary Committee?

    A: Yes. The mainstream media is saying the resolution was “scuttled”. But referral to Judiciary Committee is the normal process for moving forward with an impeachment resolution. Now HRes 1258 can be fine tuned while we build support in Congress and with the public. But there is a danger. If we cannot convince John Conyers to schedule time for HRes 1258 then it could die.

    Which, of course, is what happened. So Congressman Castle voted, as the media reported at the time, to “scuttle” Kucinich’s impeachment resolution. Here is more from Impeach Bush:

    Q. How did our Reps vote and what does it mean?

    A: Kucinich moved that HRes 1258 be referred to the Judiciary Committee. All of the Democrats and 24 Republicans voted “Aye” (yes). A yes vote could mean that the Representative supported the resolution and wanted to see it developed further in the Judiciary. Or it could mean they wanted to send it to committee for a slow death.

    It is a reasonable supposition that the Republicans who voted for HRes 1258 did so in order that Kucinich’s impeachment drive could die “a slow death.”

    Is that what Congressman Castle had in mind? Yes, it was. This left-wing web site sounded out Delaware’s representatives on their position on impeachment. The site’s author was bitterly disappointed by Congressman Castle’s response:

    First I called Senator Carper and was told that they would not support Impeachment at this time. I also called Congressman Castle’s office and was completely shocked. I was told that the Congressman would not support Impeachment because they believed there weren’t any crimes committed by the Bush administration.

    There you have it. Mike Castle never voted to impeach President Bush; no such vote ever occurred on the floor of the House. He did vote to commit goofball Congressman Dennis Kucinich’s impeachment resolution to the Judiciary Committee, where it died, as intended, a slow death. And Castle’s office said that it opposed impeachment because “they believed there weren’t any crimes committed by the Bush administration.”

  2. MerlinOS2 says:

    When a state party can’t come up with a real candidate of worth out of a whole state then they need to reexamine their approach.

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  4. del says:

    AJ you could be totally correct on the lack of vetting in this case, but I would not take the word of an obviously disgruntled person for truth either. As I recall we had some serious vetting of Sarah Palin going on by similar types in the past. The problem was most of what they said about her was just a little bit skewed.

  5. AJStrata says:


    I have a choice, to take the word of multiple disgruntled associates (yes, there are more than one) or the word of a serial exaggerator.

    As someone who is adept as smoking out con artists there is no hesitation here. O’Donnell snookered a lot of people – I am just not one of them.

  6. WWS says:

    Good find, Terrye.