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Oct 23 2016

Florida Early Voting Data Shows GOP Ahead Of 2012, Part 2

My previous post is here. In Obama’s 2012 reelection the Democrats produced more “early voting” ballots in Florida than the GOP did (obviously these are not votes for a candidate, but simply ballots by party ID). They led the GOP by 3% last cycle. Florida [2012] Votes: 4.3 million Democrats: 43% Republicans: 40% That edge […]

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Oct 23 2016

10_23_16 General Election Polls: Toss Up, Trend Continues For Trump

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This is the 6th day I have looked at the general election polls for POTUS at RCP. For the 6th day the race looks to be a statistical tie or toss up. Today we have 4 polls , with one from ABC News that looks like an outlier (click to enlarge): This is basically an […]

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