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Oct 19 2016

Live Blogging Last Debate 2016

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Update 11:10 PM Eastern: My  view: Trump did very well. Clinton failed. Watch the polls, because HRC slung mud and Trump had solid answers. Trump win. Update 11:07 PM Eastern: Sorry for the delay. Wallace: Entitlements: can we save medicare and social security/ Trump: Grow the economy and repeal Obamacare and we can save these […]

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Oct 19 2016

Recent Election Polls Show POTUS Tied Up

Update_2: OK,  here is the updated data and computations adding in two additional general election polls: Across all 7 polls HRC averaging 43.0% Trump averaging 40.3% Difference 2.7% That is clearly a tie race, and I did not remove the Bloomberg outlier.  If I do then we get HRC averaging 42.3% Trump averaging 40.7% Difference […]

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