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Oct 18 2012

Obama Augering In?

We may be seeing the beginning of a harmonic resonance (or feedback loop) where a tipping point has been hit that builds upon itself and sends this race to one side. And that is the ever more depressing Gallup poll results (if you are a Democrat, Liberal and/or Obama support). Today (10/18/12) Romney leads 52-45% […]

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Oct 17 2012

Death Threats Against Romney By Obama Supporters As Telling As Disturbing

Queue the lunatic fringe and Occupy Wall Street nuts: As we reported yesterday, in addition to¬†threats by Obama supporters to riot if Romney wins, innumerable Twitter users are also making direct death threats against Romney. The primary reason given for Obama supporters wanting to see Romney dead is the fear that he will take away […]

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Oct 16 2012

Live Blogging 2nd Presidential Debate

CBS Poll: No clear winner in CBS poll, so I would say the best Obama got is a tie. But the Luntz group is not even close. So which is it? Polls his week will tell. CNN Polll:¬† Registered voters? Obama supposedly won by 7%, but I am not sure this plays well with which […]

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Oct 16 2012

Obama Keeps Sliding Into “Lame Duckness”

Major Update 2: A 2nd body-blow poll out from Gallup: Romney 50%, Obama 46%, and that means certain defeat if it holds. Major Update 1: A body-blow poll out from KOS: The candidates for President are Democrat Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney. If the election was today, who would you vote for? Obama 46 […]

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Oct 15 2012

Will Obama Trip Over Traps Set For Tomorrow’s Debate?

President Obama is going to go all male-alpha on us tomorrow night in the next debate, in order to make up for his flat and meandering performance in the first debate. This could easily become an unmitigated disaster if he over does it (like crazy Joe did in his dramatic debate debacle). If Obama comes […]

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Oct 13 2012

Obama Polling Shows Defeat

Sometimes people get too focused on the gap between two candidates and forget to pay attention to the actual levels. For example, an incumbent who is polling around 45-46% is more than likely to lose the election since undecided voters late in the race tend to go to the challenger. This is especially true for […]

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Oct 12 2012

Depoyed Military Having Serious Trouble Voting Absentee

LJStrata and I are very upset with the US Military right now. Our son is deployed and has been trying for weeks to get his absentee ballot and get it mailed. He was told today he is too late, the deadline was two weeks ago. This is a total crock. These men and women are […]

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Oct 12 2012

Biden’s Meltdown Was Embarrassing

The nation is hurting. It is fed up with the condescending failures in DC. It is sick and tired of promises never kept, but the DC connected being the only ones not hurting after their social experiment with mortgages blew up in all our faces. Very few people think the Bush tax cuts caused the […]

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Oct 11 2012

VP Debate Blogging

Final Update: My first observation is still the most important. When Biden contradicted the State Dept and the intelligence community on how Libya asked for more security we have the perfect campaign ad. All you do is run the heritage ad and this race is over. Hot Air has one word for VP Biden – […]

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Oct 11 2012

Finally! Obama Gets Serious On Jobs

After 4 years of failing to ignite the job market through government trickle-down priming – which did keep government workers, union members and green energy flim-flam artists employed – the President has now dedicated all his energy on one key job. Apparently his entire campaign is now not just about saving his own job, but […]

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