Oct 16 2012

Live Blogging 2nd Presidential Debate

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CBS Poll: No clear winner in CBS poll, so I would say the best Obama got is a tie. But the Luntz group is not even close. So which is it? Polls his week will tell.

CNN Polll:  Registered voters? Obama supposedly won by 7%, but I am not sure this plays well with which person they want! Won verses want….. Hmm, a difference?

Luntz Focus Group: Holy Cow! Voters are smarter than CNN reporters (no surprise there)! Romney is going to win big. The Luntz group showed almost all former Obama voters moved to Romney. It is only the few liberals in his group pushing Obama. Big loss for Obama,

Post Debate Update:Before the insta-polls come out, I don’t see what the inside-the-beltway types saw, which was a small Obama edge. But even if true, Obama cannot survive a small edge. Romney connected better. Obama was policy wonkish and being to cute by half. Romney’s strongest point was promises made and not kept. Obama had not answer to failed results. And in the end, that is the vote on the last four years and whether we can survive 4 more.

10:46 PM Eastern (10:37 Debate Time): I just did not see anything from the President that moved the needle. He ended on fairness (wealth distribution) and class warfare. Veterans are not going to Obama. Out of work college grads aren’t going for Obama. The military is not Obama. He is trying to drill a dry well.  No momentum change here.

10:42PM Eastern (10:34 Debate Time): We run a small high tech company, and I will tell you Obama’s comments missed the mark 100%. I would not be opposed to Obama if we could grow and expand. But we are facing more and more regulation, more and more paper work and with Obamacare more and more costs. Obama is not a small company friend, and so that is not selling here in NOVA.

10:39PM Eastern (10:31 Debate Time): I am still not getting Obama’s answers. How do small businesses send jobs overseas????

10:34PM Eastern (10:26 Debate Time): What is Obama going on about now? How did he go from gun control to math and science? Did I use the term ‘rambling’??? Obama is trying to be assertive, but he is just lost, and Candy had to bring Obama back. Obama is just trying to put in a sound bite, not address questions. Bad move in a Town Hall format.

10:27 PM Eastern (10:20 Debate Time): I still don’t see Obama gaining in all this. He runs off topic, he makes tenuous connections to the questions. His responses are not clear. And he cannot come to a draw and change the trajectory of this election. Yes, he is pushing back harder, but it is nowhere near enough and Romney is still holding his own if not a bit ahead.

10:20 PM Eastern (10:12 Debate Time): Romney starts with a good and measured response. Why did we not know after 5 days. I said it last week, Biden set Obama up for a fail on this question. The campaigning by Obama was a huge mistake…..

10:18 PM Eastern (10:10 Debate Time): The Libya question – who denied security. Obama dodges for a bit, but what is the answer?  Obama missed the point, why was the security denied PRIOR to the attack? Obama did not answer. Obama is talking about everything but the question!  Epic Fail

10:15 PM Eastern (10:07 Debate Time): The self deportation issue was handled well. And now he nails Obama on investments overseas.

10:12 PM Eastern (10:05 Debate Time): Romney comes back and nails Obama on e-verify was the model. Where is the result of Obama?

10:11 PM Eastern (10:04 Debate Time): Obama has some good points (go after criminal illegals – and I know he meant violent criminals). But Obama says these folks will come here and build small businesses, but of course the second part of that is to then be taxed for being successful!

10:08 PM Eastern (10:00 Debate Time): Romney hits a good note on immigration. No amnesty, but compassion for those trying and caught up in the process (i.e., kids). And it is great Romney pivots back to Obama promises made and not kept.

10:04 PM Eastern (9:55 Debate Time): Romney’s list of promises made and never kept was devastating. The record is horrible, and Obama cannot dodge it because it is his four years.

10:01 PM Eastern: Just a note: paused the debate for 10 minutes so from here on I am on a 8 minute delay. I will use the wall clock for the time of the update, but subtract 7 minutes to know “when” the comment applies.

9:51 PM Eastern: Obama is not making headway. Cheap tires??? Obama is defending Bush???? What is this dude smoking? Obama has no standing on debt and deficits.

9:48 PM Eastern: Romney just recast the GOP by noting the Bush years were for Big Business, and the new GOP is for small business. That is huge and it resonated. And it is why Obama’s soak rich schtick is so out dated and misplaced.

9:44 PM Eastern: Obama is rambling… Contraception is connected to equal pay??? Talk about off topic!  He just lost the woman vote, unless you are voting with your uterus. Most professional women, vote with the salary and standing.

9:37 PM Eastern: Candy’s question are fair and pointed. Fair and tough. Romney is nailing Obama on promises not kept. Road to Greece – Great Line!

9:34 PM Eastern: Obama is more aggressive, but he is not denting Romney. And now we have the 14% claim, let’s see how it works.  Obama’s 90 billion to bogus green company is hanging out there!

9:22 PM Eastern: Ouch! Romney just sat the President down! So much for Obama being alpha male!  Obama’s gas price argument is lame, as is his pipe line distance. We have laid enough fiber to go to the moon and back many times over. That does not mean it is enough!

9:18 PM Eastern: Round 2b (new normal on gas prices): Even if Obama is aggressive, he is not cowering Romney. So far we have a tie, and that means nothing for Team Obama. Production up – Prices up!  What is Obama talking about.

9:15 PM Eastern: Round 2 (not lowering gas prices): Romney nails Obama on where the gas and oil is coming from? Not Obama! Ouch, Obama not getting it because he is tied to left wing policies and won’t even pretend to be for typical energy sources.

9:14 PM Eastern: Round 2 (not lowering gas prices): Did Obama agree Romney had the gas part right? What an opening for Romney.

9:13 PM Eastern: Round 2 (not lowering gas prices): Wow, what a tough question to Obama – do you agree with your Energy Secretary to not lower gas prices? Obama dodged it….

9:11 PM Eastern: Round 1 (jobs): Did Obama offer a college graduate a job on bridges, road and the car assembly line?

Good note by Romney that Obama did bankrupt Detroit.

And is this only about soaking the rich? How is that kid suppose to get a job by soaking? Tax collector for Obamacare?

9:22 PM Eastern: Ouch!

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13 Responses to “Live Blogging 2nd Presidential Debate”

  1. Redteam says:

    oblama is sounding desperate

  2. Redteam says:

    and he has been president 4 years and hasn’t done a damn thing to fix that glass ceiling

  3. Redteam says:

    he just got caught with his pants down

  4. Redteam says:

    I don’t want to hear anyone imply that the moderator is neutral. she is extremely biased

  5. AJStrata says:


    Crowley put Obama in his place a couple of times. She focused the questions to be very sharp. And she let Romney run over time many times. So she was fair in the end.

  6. Redteam says:

    Can’t agree with that. She actually tried to tell the audience that Obama did state in the Rose garden that it was a terror attack. she shouldn’t have stated an opinion.
    In that type meeting when one has first answer, they get a short rebuttal after the 2nd one. She never allowed Romney that.
    I realize that using the lame stream media they will never get neutral moderators, but could have done better than this lady

  7. Redteam says:

    Okay, Obama did not call it an act of terror. He did not call it a terrorist attack. Obama lied. Obama referred to ‘act of terror’ but NOT in relation to the attack on Benghazi.

  8. AJStrata says:


    But that is why the Rose Garden comment is meaningless. As Candy and Mitt noted, it was too long to be honest with what happened. And Obama never did answer the pre-attack security risk.

  9. ivehadit says:


    Tipped off…….??????????

  10. Redteam says:

    Ahhh, on the replay, I also note that Obama said they would hunt down and punish those responsible for the attack. HE DID NOT say that in the Rose Garden. He very clearly lied. Candy Crowley had no business ‘fact checking’ any answers in the debate. No wonder they have not let her moderate in the past. She was clearly ‘in the tank’.

  11. Redteam says:

    AJ : “But that is why the Rose Garden comment is meaningless”

    True, the comment in the Rose Garden was meaningless. but the issue is that tonight in the debate, Obama told at least 2 lies about his comments. One that he said it was an act of terror the other, that he would seek out and punish those that did it. I’d think we’d all like to think our president would not lie.

  12. Frogg1 says:

    VIDEO: Candy Crowley: He Was Right — Moderator: Romney was ‘right in the main’ on Benghazi, but ‘picked the wrong word’

    I heard that even CNN’s Anderson Cooper said that what Candy Crowley said was incorrect.

  13. Frogg1 says:

    Back on September 28th, Crowley was saying that the Obama administration needed to explain why they didn’t call what happened in Libya a terrorist attack