Oct 12 2012

Biden’s Meltdown Was Embarrassing

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The nation is hurting. It is fed up with the condescending failures in DC. It is sick and tired of promises never kept, but the DC connected being the only ones not hurting after their social experiment with mortgages blew up in all our faces. Very few people think the Bush tax cuts caused the home mortgage meltdown. Everyone knows it was liberal policies that allowed anyone who could fog a mirror to get loans, and then in a mass of defaults wipe out decades of equity and therefore retirement savings.

And the VP is laughing this all off as some kind of joke?

I tell you what, if the left is energized by boorish and moronic behavior – no wonder they produce epic fails in terms of trickle-down government. And I still say, the next hard hitting ad that needs to come out is Biden blaming intel for that BS about the video and its connection to 4 murdered Americans. Of which (the ambassador) pleaded with giggling Joe and his administration to send more security.

Obama called these dead Americans ‘bumps in the road’ and Biden (is court jester) giggles. You want to see energized? Watch the insurgent voters come out and send Mr. Laughing Gas into retirement.

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14 Responses to “Biden’s Meltdown Was Embarrassing”

  1. DJStrata says:

    I didn’t watch the debate last night (yeah I know…a huge surprise for a political junkie like me!), but after watching all of these video clips what an astonishing display of disrespect. And you better believe that I would be saying the same thing if it had been Ryan giggling instead. These are serious issues that affect this country and the American people and all Joe can do is giggle??? Are you f***ing serious??? Vote them out now!

  2. Ryan avoided a “Dan Quayle mistake,” and Biden’s performance reminded voters that he was Obama’s “Dan Quayle mistake.”

  3. patrioticduo says:

    Watching the split screen format, I honestly think that Biden was either unaware or forgot (more likely) that the format was split screen. No one could be that stupid to be cackling all of the way through such a serious and important discussion. Imagine showing up in front of your boss (who is thinking about firing you but wants to give you an opportunity to explain your recent mistakes) and all you can do is smile, joke and laugh your way through and over the top of your bosses questioning? His behaviour was reckless, irresponsible, demeaning to his position and ultimately he deserves to be fired just for that one shocking display of poor (actually non-existent) manners. Who the heck does he think he is – King Farouk?

  4. Phil-351 says:

    And the sad part is, if you follow some of the reports, Biden hit a home-run with his and Obama’s core supporters. These rabid Leftists really believe this crap will win them the election. They need to go.

  5. lurker9876 says:

    And the left is trying to convince us with photos and youtube that Paul Ryan is an outright liar while the whole time they’re denying the fact that Paul Ryan had been telling us the truth and facts.

    I don’t think that the polls will swing back to Obama. This could be the end of the Obama campaign unless he gets enough votes from the illegal immigrants through his fiat modification to the DREAM act or something.

  6. lurker9876 says:

    And Biden says that Obama is a great friend of Bibi??? Met with Bibi like 12 times in three years or something like that???

    Obama is NO friend of Israel. Obama is NO friend of Bibi.

    Biden is such a condescending liar.

  7. oneal lane says:

    I did not “watch” the debate but listened over the radio, so I have a different take. I must say I was quite dis-heartened with Ryans performance.

    Over the radio, it sounded as though Biden literally “mopped the floor” with Ryan. Ryan failed to mount viable factual responses on a host of issues. Biden was knowledgable confident and authorative. Ryan seemed to be repeating talking points that he picked up reading the Drudge Report. Additionally, he failed to catch a Bidens lies. In particular Biden claimed Obama ended the war in Iraq. This was a no brainer. Bush signed the withdrawal treaty before he left office. The departure date was set before Obama started campagining.

    It was a sad display. I try to be honest with the facts and call them as I see them, even if I don’t like the result. On content Biden was the clear victor. However, even over radio one could tell Biden interrupted and was rude. Ryan seemd to never have an uninterrupted moment to finish a sentence. The moderator was in poor control.

    I do not know how this will play out with undecided voters.


  8. AJStrata says:


    Krauthammer said the same thing. If you listened only you would conclude Biden won. But if you watched Biden repulsed many more than he impressed.

    Sadly for Biden, more people watched. It’s Kennedy-Niixon all over again, but at the VP level.

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  10. oneal lane says:


    I heard Krauthammers remark, if you just listened Biden won but, if you watched Ryan won. I’ll watch the video later.

    Dick Morris was also disappointed with Ryan for the same reasons.

    Lets hope Romney can take the next two. Its probably going to be quite a show!


  11. lurker9876 says:

    Hinderacker was also disappointed.

    It’s a good practice for Ryan as he gains experience for future debates. Remember how much Romney has improved over the years?

    You have to watch the video to see how bad Biden really is. If you don’t know Biden very well, reading a transcript will tell you that it’s a draw.

    Biden is a condescending liar.

    I think that in a few days, people will appreciate Ryan more and more.

  12. jan says:

    Ryan was so built up by media pundits and the like, that he was going to have tire-treads over Biden. IMO, there was too much anticipation, verging on an impossible bar for Ryan to meet.

    Basically, Ryan did an efficient job of defending Romney and his stances. He brought up some personal anecdotal stuff, and was generally very complimentary of Romney taking on the job of POTUS. OTOH, did you notice that Biden nary mentioned obama in his silly diatribes?

  13. penguin2 says:

    I watched the debate, all nauseating 90 minutes of seeing a street brawler personality be rude, condescending, nasty, lie, interrupt and act like a jerk. 1) For those who might have listened on the radio, they’re immersed in this political stuff, meaning the base of both parties, so you can take away what you want to. 2) The visuals told the true story, and in the aftermath of the debate the numerous lies of Biden are being noted. 3) Biden was out to appeal to his “dispirited” base. He certainly didn’t win over undecided or Romney voters. 4) Sounds like people were looking for a debate with similar outcome of the Romney/Obama one. Biden’s talking over Ryan, loud voice, laughing, and interruptions come through on audio – it contrasted clearly with Ryan’s measured and reasonable responses.

    People aren’t interested in a Bozo the Clown performance this time around. They’re looking for some sanity in the governing of this country. I don’t think they had difficulty seeing or hearing the difference between the two men.

  14. Redteam says:

    Well, I watched the debate and Ryan won. I agree with Penguin2. It was obvious from the beginning that Biden’s only purpose was to make Ryan ‘look as if he was still a little kid’ that didn’t know nothing and he was ‘cute’. But that didn’t sell. He looked a whole lot more like Bozo than he did a ‘knowledgeable’ vice president. There was very little that Biden said that even came close to being true. I’m pretty sure most of you don’t think the killing in Benghazi was a ‘laughing matter’, not just a chuckling matter but a full belly roll on the floor laughing matter. That was Bozo (or should I call him the ‘Joker’?). I think the debate should have been taken as a serious, inform the voter affair, not a condescending ROFLMAO deal.
    Oneal, you said: “Over the radio, it sounded as though Biden literally “mopped the floor” with Ryan. Ryan failed to mount viable factual responses on a host of issues.” but unless you ‘know all the details’ you think Bozo was being ‘serious’. It would be hard for anyone to respond to all the mis-truths being thrown out while belly roll laughing.
    When you watch the video, count the number of times one of the speakers were halted by the moderator. 6 times, all 6 were Ryan. The moderator had no problem with the belly roll laughing and giggling and chuckling. She did not let Bozo interrupt one time, but didn’t stop his statements. You should watch.