Jul 26 2012

Liberal Ignorance On Display: We The People Built This Nation

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Update: Too funny. Apparently even before Obama’s success-envy snark he was losing support among those who create jobs:

 U.S. business owners’ approval of President Barack Obama fell in the second quarter of 2012 to 35%, essentially tying farmers and fishers for the lowest approval among major occupational groups.

No wonder there is a need for damage control. Sadly for the left (but good for everyone else) what we see coming is just digging a deeper hole with the voters… – end update

Seems there is some serious ‘success envy’ rippling through the left-wing these days. Leading the charge is our inexperienced, nothing-significant-achieved-in-his-life President, who is lashing out at those who actually succeeded in something by doing a little (or a lot) more than the average person.

This whole brouhaha is because of a completely moronic point of view from the left. Which means the rest of America – who can point with pride to some form of individual accomplishments big or small – are pretty much rejecting Obama and this liberal nonsense. Even so, the socialist herd cannot just let go their ‘success envy’, and keep digging their hole:

Today, the Romney campaign is hosting an entire series of campaign events based on President Obama’s misinterpreted comment about small businesses. While Obama’s full speech made a “no man is an island” argument, the Romney campaign has seized on the quote, “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that” as evidence of Obama’s disdain for small business owners.

But, like the New Hampshire business owner showcased in Romney’s attack ad on the issue, many of these business owners have received significant support from the government

What kind of ‘support’ is this person babbling about? Government contracts. Which is my business area. Which is one of the hardest business areas to succeed in without political clout and tithes in the form of political donations. I can say with pride we require neither to succeed. We do it the old fashioned way – we are better than most. We earn our pay by working. This is not a handout or a loan or government service provided. We have to provide the best quality to be on these contracts.

Government contracts are not ‘support’ (thus illustrating the depth of ignorance this socialist herd animal displays). Government contracts are by admission the need of government to purchase skills, services, products, engineering marvels, etc from those same successful private sector companies that built this nation. Government (a.k.a teachers, tax collectors, etc) don’t have the skills to build bridges, warships, airplanes, power plants, roads, schools, etc.  All these wonderful icons of bureaucracy were built by private industry.

And who paid for these things? Business and individuals in the form of taxes. If someone wants to know who would not be here if it were not for others, the entire government behemoth is the entity that exists on the shoulders and sweat of others.

So We The People paid for and built all those government services and common infrastructure. They did not just pop up out of the ground.

Those who have successful business took a huge risk with their retirement years to try and create something people would purchase. As one of those who did this (with currently modest success), I can attest to the fact that while myself and tens of thousands of my neighbors over the years came up through the public school system, drove on public roads and paid for the use of utilities, only a few of use were able to create a thriving business. Nearly all are hard working people, but few had the ability and opportunities to actually employ others, verses being employed.

Those who have businesses know we cannot do it without our employees. Otherwise we are just individuals trying to make money one customer at a time. Employees allow businesses to grow, reinvest in people, and – yes – reap the rewards. If there was not an upside, why would anyone fight through all the red tape, cronyism and headaches? There has to be a payoff in the end to be an employer verses and employee, or else we would all be employees and only a few would run the country (or the world).

What irritates people on the left is that they have to recognize they are not all knowing, all pure and all moral.  They have to recognize most people in business are good, hard working Americans who don’t have to ask others for permission or support. That really irks the socialist herd animal, because deep down I suspect they wish they could be like that – successful enough to employ others and help them achieve a good life. It must look pretty impressive to view success from the herd, but you also have to understand how much work and effort it takes to succeed in business. It is not easy by any stretch of the imagination. In fact it can be quite consuming.

Success-envy is just one of the many ‘issues’ that plagues the left and make them incapable of leading this dynamic – and individual driven – nation. They will always fail due to these gaps between their simpleton fantasies and reality. And they will always blame those without these gaps in judgement for their own shortcomings. It is an old and tiresome story.

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  1. Layman says:

    Just go back and listen to Obama’s remarks in their entirety. He despises entrepreneurs. Listen to him putting them down when he talks of how they think they are so smart or work so hard.

    I’ll agree with part of what he said. There are a lot of smart people and there are a lot of people who work hard – but so what?

    I’m a smart guy (MS from Stanford, 35 years in the Air & Space arena) and I work hard but I’m sure as hell no entrepreneur. When I got layed off from my job a few years back I tried to start a consulting firm – epic fail. Now I’m back with a large aerospace company.

    The drive, determination, grit, and sheer willpower required to start and run a business requires a special breed. The fact that our President has no clue that this is the case is astonishing – and dangerous!

  2. AJStrata says:

    Nice post Layman. “MS from Stanford, 35 years in the Air & Space arena” – LOL! Now I know why you debate as well as you do. H/T to your credentials, they are impressive.

  3. Redteam says:

    “Which is my business area. Which is one of the hardest business areas to succeed in without political clout and tithes in the form of political donations. I can say with pride we require neither to succeed.”

    It certainly sounds as if you are doing it the correct way.

    I certainly believe that anyone should be allowed to compete for government contracts, but I think the contracts should be awarded on merit and bid price. Once it is established that the company bidding is well qualified to do the work, then price should be the determining factor. Unfortunately I think too many contracts are ‘no bid’ and are awarded based on lobbyists and/or personal contacts.

    Layman “MS from Stanford, 35 years in the Air & Space arena”
    sounds as if you have fulfilled the prerequisites for ‘critical thinking ability’ congrats.

  4. Layman says:

    I know 3 or guys who run landscaping businesses. One is my younger brother. He may not be as book smart or educated as I am but the drive, dedication, and sweat he puts into his small business is something I could not do. And he has two full time employees and 3-4 others that he picks up for odd jobs.

    Recently a mutual friend had a sweet sixteen party for his daughter during which I saw my brother gesture my way and say, “He may have got the brains in the family – but I get to be my own boss.”

    The fact that our President has no clue about what it takes to be a small business entrepreneur boggles, astounds, and frightens me.

  5. Frogg1 says:

    VIDEO: Obama Romney First Debate You Didn’t Build That

  6. Frogg1 says:

    ‘Oh Yes We Did’: 3 of 4 Americans Believe Small Business Owners Did It Themselves–Rasmussen

  7. Frogg1 says:

    As usual, when things like this come up I always learn alot:

    Government wasn’t always involved in infrastructure.


    Gordon Crovitz: Who Really Invented the Internet?